Though Hanukkah is technically a minor festival, it is one of the most well-known Jewish holidays because it takes place in the traditional "holiday season"-- December. Though stores can get filled up with so many Christmas decorations that it's nearly impossible to find a single dreidel, we have all your Hanukkah needs covered. Whether you are looking to switch over to an electric menorah or you need supplies for a festive feast with your family, we have everything you'll need for all eight nights. 


A Hanukkah menorah has eight branches on it to represent the miracle of the oil.  During the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid monarchy, the Jews found only enough oil to light the Temple menorah for one day, but by some marvel, the supply lasted eight days.  On each night of the festival, a new candle is lit until finally, all eight (plus the shamash, used to light all the others) are lit.

Brass Menorahs 

Brass is a heavy material so its weight will ensure less of a risk of tipping over. It also has a beautiful, ancient aesthetic.

Silver Menorahs 

Silver is a more modern choice for menorahs, as silver has a very clean look.

Glass Menorahs 

Glass is a rarer choice because of it's frailty and expense, but it can be the perfect choice if you want a menorah that is truly unique.

Whimsical Menorahs 

Some menorahs are a bit more ornate in shape than classic ones, which can be a lot of fun for the not so traditional Jewish family.

Menorah Supplies

You can't very well have a menorah without a light source, can you?  Whether you go by tradition and light candles or embrace modern technology with electric bulbs, you can find all the supplies you need right here.


Hanukkah candles are easy to come by, with all different colours to choose from, whether you want to stick to one colour or have a rainbow.

Hand-Dipped Candles 

Hand dipped candles tend to last longer and burn more slowly, so it's a good choice if you want your candles to last you for more than one year.

Menorah Bulbs 

If you'd rather not mess with an open flame, a bulb is also a great idea if you pick up an electric menorah.

Lamp Oil  and Wicks 

If you are a traditionalist, getting lamp oil is a great way to really celebrate the story behind Hanukkah.


A dreidel is one of the best loved symbols of the Festival of Lights.  It is a four-sided top that is spun in an effort to win prizes: usually pennies or chocolate coins.  To play this game, deal an equal amount of prizes (start with 10 or 15) out to each participant.  At the beginning of each round, each person antes up by putting one game piece into the centre (the "pot").  Each time the pot is empty, everyone antes up again.

Once everyone has dealt in, the first player spins the dreidel and waits for it to stop.  He or she then reads what is written and takes the appropriate action.  The key below lists the different characters and their meanings.

  • Nun: The player does nothing.
  • Gimmel: The player gets everything in the pot.  Well played!
  • Hey: The player gets half of the pieces in the pot.
  • Shin (or peh): The player has to add a piece to the pot.

The game continues until someone has collected all the prizes.  Good luck and have fun!

Plastic Dreidels 

Plastic dreidels are cheap, which makes them great to get in multiples as gifts. Since they are lighter though, they do not spin as well.

Wood Dreidels 

Wood dreidels are the classic material, often with their symbols carved in. They are heavier and usually spin well.

Dreidel Kits 

Dreidel kits are a great way to get kids involved. They are usually simple and let them stick on or paint on the various symbols wherever they'd like!


Holidays are usually known for lots of delicious food, and Hanukkah is no exception!  For more recipe ideas, see our External Links section.

Latke Mix 

Latkes are a traditional food, a flat potato pancake that's easy to make and goes with everything.

Gourmet Jam 

Fresh jam can be delicious with almost anything. Whether for yourself or as sa gift, gourmet is a good choice.

Pots and Pans

You can't cook a great meal without the right cookware to go along with it.

Cookie Cutters 

Hanukkah shaped cookie cutters are festive, transforming regular cookies into a holiday treat.

Frosting  or Icing 

You can't have cookies without some delicious frosting on top.

Deep Fryers

Fried latkes can be as awesome as french fries, and a deep fryer will help you do it.

Festive Table

A beautiful table sets the tone for a lovely evening.

Paper Plates 

Don't worry yourself over doing a lot of dishes; use paper plates to easily dispose of them at the end of supper.

Serving Plates 

Serving plates can be festive and add to your dining tables decor.

Latke Plate 

Latke plates are a great way to serve these potato pancakes, with a dip in the middle.

Plastic Tableware 

Keep it simple with plastic tableware so your guests can eat to their hearts content and you won't have a sink full of dishes to do.


Liven things up with some of your favourite tunes!

Hanukkah Music 

For the classic choice of music, there are plenty of Hanukkah CDs to choose from.

Hanukkah Jazz 

Some people don't like oridnary and traditional; Hanukkah jazz is everything but.

CDs for Kids 

Get some music the kids can really get into with Hanukkah songs for children.

Traditional Jewish Music 

Traditional music is a more strictly religious choice in tunes.

Prominent Jewish Musicians 

Don't want just Hanukkah specific music? Try playing some music from Jewish artists. 

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