Hanukkah Crafts

It's Hanukkah, and what better way to get your family involved in the Festival of Lights than with some fun craft ideas?  Using a few simple household items, you and your children can create a variety of projects. For the little ones, you may want to go with some simple colouring books and crayons. However, for older kids you'll want more involved projects to keep them busy during family gatherings and late night parties. The great thing is that many of these ideas require minimal supervision... just in case you're still busy frying up potato latkes or wrapping gifts. Now you'll be able to keep the kids busy all night long!

Setting up For Crafting

No matter what crafts you are engaging in, you will need a safe and clean set up for you and the kids to get started. Giving them their own space, buying safety items, and keeping their clothing craft-clean can help make the whole process much smoother.

Craft Table 

A craft table is a great idea for a workstation, rather than having craft-time on your dining room or coffee table. That way your table won't get ruined and the kids will have their own special space.

Art Smock 

Paint--as well as other supplies like glue and glitter--can get everywhere. Keep those clothes clean by buying smocks for anyone who will be involved.

Safety Scissors 

Scissors are often a big part of most crafting plans, so make sure to get safety scissors for the little ones and teach them the right way to hand scissors to another; by holding the handles towards them, not the point.


You never know what may happen when getting crafty. Kids always find a way to hurt themselves, so make sure you keep some plasters around just in case.

Get Crafty!

Crafts are a great way to bring kids into the holiday (and keep them out of your hair while you're cooking).


Dreidels can be very easily made with card stock  or modelling clay . Make sure you have plenty of gelt  around for prizes.


See our External Links suggestions for instructions on making menorahs. Always make sure to use caution around open flame, though.


Young and old alike will love turning beads  and hemp twine  into wearable Hanukkah art. The possibilities are endless!

Arts and Crafts

Use sponge stamps ,construction paper ,felt , and decorative ribbon  to create wrapping paper, gift bags, decorations, and more.

Give a Little Bit

The holidays are a great time to remember those less fortunate than you, so consider making tzedakah a part of your holiday tradition.

Tzedakah Box

A Tzedakah box can easily be made from a coffee tin and some paint . After Hanukkah, donate what you've collected to your favourite cause.

Art for Everyone

Organize an art supply box  full of paints ,brushes ,coloured pencils ,construction paper , and more, and bring it to a local children's hospital.

Crafty Kids

Don't forget a crafts basket  full of pipe cleaners ,glue ,beads ,string  or ribbon ,yarn ,glitter ,knitting needles  and crochet hooks .

Grab Bag

Put together a selection of small toys  and donate them to a gift drive. At this time of the year, you can find these at many stores and markets.

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