Hats Buying Guide


Most people have at least one hat  in their possession. Hat styles vary greatly, as do their functions. Some hats are perfect for keeping the sun out of sensitive eyes, while others are purely for style. Hats originally showed one's social status. Currently, hats are used for fashion, warmth, protection from the sun, religious reasons, and as part of an uniform. Fashion has started making even the most traditional hats out of funky materials. Whether or not you want to look your Sunday's best or want to channel 1920s spy, there's surely a hat for everyone.

Hat Size

Usually more expensive hats require you to know your hat size. In the United States, your hat size is the circumference of your head (measured half an inch above your ears) divided by pi. The equivalent hat size in the U.K. is an eighth of an inch smaller than the U.S. size.

Parts of a Hat

  • Crown: the part of a hat covering the head
  • Brim: Stiff material is projected under the crown and continues horizontally around the circumference of the hat.
  • Peak: Primarily found on baseball caps and visors, the peak is a stiff projection at the front of the hat that is used to protect eyes from rain and excess sunlight.
  • Sweatband or hatband: A ribbon or band running around the bottom edge of the hat.

Popular Hat Styles

The Most Common Hats

Baseball Cap 

  • Perfect to wear everyday.
  • Keeps the sun out of your eyes.
  • Support your favourite team!


  • Keeps sensitive eyes in the shade.
  • Perfect for sunny outdoor events.

Stocking Hat 

  • Keeps ears and head warm during the winter chill.

Bucket Hat 

  • Great for fishing.
  • A college staple.

Polo Hat 

  • Stylish but not loud.
  • A good all around hat.
  • Very durable.

Classic Hats


  • Channel Parisian romance.
  • Thick berets work well as a stylish winter hat.


  • Felt ,straw , or twill , these hats have a circumferential brim, and a crown with a V-shaped pinch in the front.
  • Often the front brim curves down and the back curves up.
  • Popularized in the 1920s, but particularly cool people can still wear them.

Straw Hats 

  • To keep the sun out of your eyes and your head cool.
  • Really woven out of straw.
  • Panama Hats  are circular, white, and with an indented crown. Very chic.

Cowboy Hats 

  • Keeps your eyes safe while toiling in the Wild West.
  • Brims can point down or up in the front and down in the back and curl up on the sides.
  • Traditionally leather, but can be made of felt ,straw , or fuzzy, glittery, and silly .

Lesser-Worn Hats

Bowler Hats 

  • A middle-class adaptation of the Fedora .

Deerstalker Hats 

  • It's elementary, my dear Watson. Pretend you're Sherlock Holmes with this hat.

Porkpie Hats 

  • Like a Fedora , but with a circular top surrounded by a groove all the way around.
  • Very Buster Keaton.

Top Hats 

  • Often silk, nowadays fancy, varying heights, and sometimes hinged for collapsing.
  • Essential if impersonating Abe Lincoln or housing a bunny rabbit.

Tricornered Hats 

  • Wear it with a point in front.
  • For the classic, Puritan look, get one in black with white and gold trim.

Casual Caps

Baseball Caps 

  • Support your teams, schools, and favorite ironic causes.
  • If the back panels are mesh, it's a trucker hat .
  • Can be fitted or adjustable.

Pageboy Caps 

  • With a little brim in the front and fitted all around.
  • Can be worn facing any direction.
  • If you plan on being Samuel L. Jackson, you must wear a Kangol hat  backwards. And you must be awesome.

Bucket Hats 

  • Cotton, collapsible hats with eyelets for cooling.
  • Downward-facing brim protects your face from the sun and rain.
  • These days, they can be made out of anything and you can even fold the brim up.

Knit Caps 

  • Perfect for staying warm this winter.
  • Want a pompom? Want earflaps? Want a logo? Go for it!


  • Like a baseball cap without the top.
  • Big in golf, poker, and cheerleading.
  • The ponytail goes out the top, not under the bottom.

Speciality Hats

Baby Hats 

  • Keep your baby's head warm with an adorable baby hat.

Religious Hats 

  • Looking for a head-covering to suit your religious needs?
  • Better to search it independently or go to our Ritual Gifts gift guide.


  • Not quite hats, but still cover your head.
  • Primarily for style purposes.
  • Want a Do Rag ? A Bandana ?


  • Losing your hair? Think no one knows? Try these.
  • Or go all out with a wig .

Ladies' Dress Hats 

  • Dressing up for church, synagogue, or the Kentucky Derby?
  • These can be any style, fabric, or material, but they look best with lots of feathers, bows, ribbons, and fake flowers.