Protein Supplements Buying Guide  

Protein is a body-building nutrient essential for the repair and growth of tissues and muscles in the body. When the daily intake of protein is not achieved by dietary habits, you may need to take the help of protein supplements which are just as rich in the nutrient as natural sources. You can take in supplements in the form of protein bars, protein shakes made from protein powder, protein meal replacements and protein capsules.  

Sources of Protein Supplements

  • Whey protein is made from cheese and has a high rating of BV (biological value), amino acids involved in muscle building like valine, isoleucine and leucine. Whey isolate is an expensive whey protein type with even higher BV and less lactose and fat. Whey concentrate is just the reverse - a very cost-effective type which needs less time to process but contains more lactose and fat.
  • Casein protein is isolated from milk and digests slowly as it contains nearly ninety-two percent proteins. It is often used for body building.
  • Egg albumin is made from the egg white is very high in protein. It is ideal for those who are intolerant of lactose.
  • Soy protein is a quick digesting type with very average amino acid content. Soy protein isolate has greater BV than normal soy protein but less quality.
  • Milk Protein contains more calcium, minerals and vitamins that it is highly nutritious. Goat milk protein is high in BCAA (branched chain amino acids) and is completely free of lactose.
  • Pea Protein is completely free of gluten, amino acid rich and easily digestive.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Organic Food Bar Protein 

This pack contains twelve easily digestible bars. 

Optimum Nutrition Soy Protein Supplement 

This is made from 100% soy protein and tastes great when mixed with milk. 

Lucozade Sport Protein Powder Chocolate 

The presence of creatine helps sportspersons.  

Quick Picks

Nutrisport Whey Protein Isolate 

This supplement is low in lactose and calories too. 

Protein Brek 

This 2kg pack is made of an oat-based cereal complex. 

Supreme Protein Bar 

These peanut crunch bars are high on protein. 

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