Aromatherapy Oils Buying Guide

Aromatherapy is an alternative "aroma-based" medicine that uses essential oils extracted from plants. Aromatherapy oils help in creating a soothing experience that will relieve your body from stress and tension. 

Types of Aromatherapy Oils

  • Pure Essential Oils: Pure essential oils are extracted from various fruits and flowers rich in essential oils. These essential oils have properties such as antibacterial, deodorising, refreshing, soothing and uplifting, which make them excellent for body skincare and for ensuring healthy and vital skin.
  • Base (Carrier) Oils: Base or carrier oils are used for blending with pure essential oils to dilute them. With the help of these carrier oils, skin care creams and oils are prepared. Carrier oils contain the essential vitamins and minerals that are good for your health.
  • Absolute Oils: Absolute oils are extracted from flowers such as Calendula Officinalis, Dianthus Caryophyllus and Jasminum Grandiflorum. Absolute oils are so pure and undiluted and bring aromatherapy in the purest form. Absolute oils are highly concentrated and potent than essential oils. These oils are required only in a small quantity since they are not steam distilled or cold pressed.
  • Organic Oils: Organic oils are rich with natural ingredients which are safe and healthy for your skin. They help in nourishing, softening and conditioning the skin in natural way. All essential oils, base/carrier oils and massage oils are available in organic form.
  • Massage Oils: Aromatherapy helps a lot in massaging techniques. Aromatherapy massage oils help you to relax your mind and body. They help in changing your mood and to have better state of mind.
  • Vaporising Oils: Vaporising oils are also called as refreshing oils. These oils are blended with pure essential oils to give all the benefits of aromatherapy. They need to be added to your oil burner after which perfect aroma fills in your room completely.   

Factors to Consider

  • Avoid oils that are sold in clear glass bottles as the clear glass can allow light to damage the essential oils.
  • Buy oils that are stored in amber (brown) or other dark coloured glass bottles.
  • Avoid buying essential oils that have a rubber eyedropper bulb in the top because the oil can dissolve the rubber dropper and become contaminated.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Clary Sage Essential Aromatherapy Oil :

It comes in an amber glass to prevent deterioration through sunlight with a tamper evident cap and integral dropper.    

Elemis Aromatherapy De - Stress Massage Oil :

This Elemis massage oil is ideal for a relaxing evening massage.  

Aromatherapy Massage Oils :

These oils work greatly on the body and render a soothing effect.  

Quick Picks

Aromatherapy Organic Morning Body Oil :

It uplifts and invigorates the body, clears headaches, helps with stress, digestive problems and great for feet. 

Spazazz Aromatherapy Oils :

If you fancy a nice relaxing bathe or an invigorating splash, then choose a nice Warm French Vanilla or Eucalyptus Mint.               

HealthAid Clove Aromatherapy Oils :

Their rich aroma and fragrance renders therapeutic and healing properties. 

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