Bath and Shower Bath Buying Guide

Body care products include body washes, body lotions, body creams, oils, skin cleansers and soaps. The basic need for a body care product is to protect your skin from getting affected from various sources such as UV rays, pollution and change in weather conditions.   

Types of Bath and Shower Essentials

  • Body Oils: Body oils are made using concentrated hydrophobic liquid substance. The basic aroma of this oil is purely extracted from plants. Different kinds of body oils that are available include neem oil, cedar wood oil, lavender oil, herbal oil, olive oil and lemon oil. All these oils can be used to give a complete body massage before bath, and you can feel extraordinary results.  
  • Body Cleansers: Cleansers help in maintaining your skin throughout your body. It cleans your skin and keeps it fresh. Pollution and body sweat are causes of many skin prone diseases; therefore a body cleanser is very essential for your daily bathing.  
  • Body Butters: Body butters are available in various flavours and almost all of them suit all types of skins. It can be used for skin softening and to avoid early aging. Most of these butter products have a mix of olive oil in it, and as all of us know, olive oil is a good treatment for your skin. Body butters basically act as antioxidants.   
  • Body Exfoliators: These substances exfoliate your skin and keep it fresh always. Body exfoliators are available in different forms such as scrubs and polishes. You can prefer exfoliators which contain natural sugar in them, as sugar is one of the serious ingredients for cleansing. When you are purchasing scrubs, prefer the ones which have fruit bases as they will create no harm to your skin.  
  • Body Lotions: Basically made with vitamin composition, these lotions act as good skin nourishing elements. Look for vitamin C and E especially, as they are really good for skin tone and complexion.  
  • Shower Gels: Bath and shower gels can be made of fruit or plant extracts for a natural feel and leaves your skin feeling fresh.    

Other Bath and Shower Accessories

  • Scrubbers: It is essential to remove dead cells from the body that accumulate after over time. Body scrubbers can be back brushes, loofahs, sponges, shower puffs to name a few.  
  • Massagers and Shower Heads: These are therapeutic accessories that help you relax and unwind during shower. 
  • Bath Pillows: If you're in for a long bath, a bath pillow will help keep you comfortable and relaxed.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Salcura Shower Gel :

This moisturising shower gel with natural cleansing agents, vitamins and minerals is suitable for skin that is very dry, sensitive or prone to irritation. 

Love Label Body Butter :

Packed in a beautiful gift box, the Love Label butter moisturises the skin leaving it soft and smooth. 

Lulu's Body Cleanser Duo :

It gently and effectively purifies and balances all skin types. 

Quick Picks

Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser Gel :

This aromatic cleanser has low-lathering formula that helps you refresh your body.

Fenjal Vitality Body Lotion :

Formulated with active Vitamin B5, E and C complex, this body lotion protects the skin from environmental elements.

Neutrogena Body Oil :

This is ultra light, non-greasy, natural oil, not mineral oil, prepared from sesame seed.

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