Electric Shavers Buying Guide

Shaving has become easier with electric razors. Now that traveling is inevitable to many, carrying electric shavers with rechargeable batteries is increasing. Electric shavers can also be used along with shaving gels or creams.

Types of Electric Shavers

Electric shavers can be broadly classified as Foil Head shavers and Rotary blade shavers.  They can also be classified based on the shaving method as Dry electric shavers and wet waterproof electric shavers.

Features of Some Electric Shavers

  • Lotions dispensers allow for moisturizing the skin.
  • Quick charge lets the battery stay for long.
  • Self cleaning blade kinds help in easy cleaning.
  • Beard trimmers are useful for trimming beards.
  • Multiple travel plugs are for different plug types.

Choosing Electric Shavers

  • You can choose from either cordless or corded varieties. Now that electric razors are available with both these options, you can choose them for convenience. However not all have both the options.
  • If you travel often you can choose electric razors that have replaceable batteries in them as they are ideal.
  • You should also consider the shaving method when selecting electric razors as some use rotary and some use foil systems. Even though both offer the same kind of performance, foil systems can lead to ingrown hairs and irritation. Persons with heavy beards and loose skin should avoid the rotary system as it can pinch sometimes.
  • If you look for a closer shave option then you can choose electric shavers that come with additional features such as lifting combs which pull the hair up and offer a nice and clean look.
  • Other preferred features in electric shavers include handles that are slip proof, ergonomic design, pivoting heads which can be adjusted to the curves and cleaning systems that work automatically.
  • Additional features such as LCD displays, comfort settings and timers are also now possible along with the electric shavers.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Philips Nivea for Men Electric Shaver :

The electric shaver follows the contour of your face for a great shave and also gives conditioning.

Braun Series Electric Rechargeable Male Foil Shaver :

This shaver holds 16 hour charge for 20 minutes shaving time and comes with an extendable trimmer for moustache and sideburns.

Solar Powered Electric Shaver :

The electric shaver is powered by rechargeable batteries that have an extended running time.

Quick Picks

REMINGTON DualTrack Electric Shaver :

The electric shaver with dual track head provides comfort and shaving efficiency.

Arcitec Mens Rotary Shaver :

The rotary type sdhaver gives a clean shave and a smooth finish.

Dynamo electric shaver :

The dual head requires just winding up of the dynamo to function.

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