Kid's Health and Personal Care

Health and hygiene vitamins'>vitamins, but we can help make sure you're stocked for when you do. Here, find everything you'll need to get those habits started.


With the help of your pediatrician, you can choose the best approach to good health and nutrition for your little one. Here, products that make taking vitamins fun for them, and hopefully a bit easier for you. For more information, please read our Vitamin guide.

'''Bath '''

Any parent knows that bath time can be a challenge as it usually means bed time. Your best bet? Make it fun for your child and it will be something to look forward to. Some of these products may help.


Sure, they're not going for a cut and color every three months, but that doesn't mean your child's hair care is so simple. Between tangles and tears,  it can be quite the challenge. Get a grip on it with these products.

Dental Care

The one thing most kids will try to skip out on, if they can get away with it. As with most hygiene products, the more kid-friendly they are, the more likely your child will be to do it. Think cartoons, color, and flavor!

First Aid and Medicine

Boohome needs. If you suspect your child may need medical attention, see your pediatrician immediately.

Organic Care

If you live a green lifestyle and want to raise your child the same, you'll probably not only want organic foods, but organic body care products too. They're not as readily available as nonspecific ones. Those made specifically for kids are noted with an asterisk below.

Just for Tweens

So your child is hitting that age. She's not a kid anymore, and she's not quite an adult. As her body changes, so will her needs.

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