Health and Personal Care for Kids Buying Guide

Everything to keep your children in tip top shape, and ready for fun and learning.


So your kids will grow big and strong, even if they don't all of their fruits and vegetables.

Gummy Vitamins /Jelly Vitamins 

Who says that medicine needs to taste bad to be good for you?

Sour Vitamins 

Have your kids pucker up to sour vitamins that are delicious and good for them.

Liquid Multi-Vitamins /Vitamin Syrup 

Great for infants and babies who have not yet progressed to solid foods.

Vitamin Gumballs 

Your kids won't even taste the difference between these vitaballs and regular gumballs!

Chewable Multi Vitamins 

Parents who wish to avoid sugary vitamins for their kids will love chewable vitamins.



Make getting clean fun with these fun bath toys  and soaps !

Kids' Bubble Bath 

After a long and hard day, even your kids will enjoy a nice bubble bath.

Kids' Body Wash 

Mild body washes that won't harm your children's delicate skin.

Organic Kids' Soap /Organic Kids' Bodywash 

Use only the best and purest ingredients on your kids.

Natural Bath Sponge 

Be gentle on the earth and your children.  These sponges are soft on your kids' skin and won't take years to decompose like plastic ones.

Baby Bather Sponge 

Keep your infant safe and comfortable in this baby bather sponge.

Bath toys 

Bath toys to make bathtime enjoyable and fun.

Crayola Bath Gel Pens 

Write all over your bath and shower.

Bath Funfetti 

Bathtime is a party with the bath funfetti!

Calming Bath 

Sooth and calm a stressed or irritated child.

Kids' Bath Fizz 

Add a little something extra to your kids' bath!

Kids' Shampoo 

No tears with these gentle shampoos.

Kids' Conditioner 

Children's hair are so fine that they tend to tangle easily to use conditioner to ease the stress and keep those manes healthy.

Kids' 2-in-1 Shampoo 

Make shampooing a snap with the 2 in 1.

Shampoo Shield 

No more red or stinging eyes with this shamppo shield.

Kids' Organic Shampoo /Kids' Organic Conditioner 

Keep things natural for your kids' heads.


Kids' Toothpaste 

Fun flavours make brushing a breeze

Kids' Toothbrush 

Toothbrushes in fun colours for your children.

Kids' Mouthwash 

Even your kids need mouthwash.

Kids' Electric Toothbrush 

Encourage your kids to brush with these fun-themed electric toothbrush

Easy Flossing 

Flossing is no longer a hassle with the easy flossing device.

Bumps and Scratches

Kids' Plasters 

Make any cuts feel better with a kiss and a fun plaster.

Itch Relief 

For anything from poison ivy to bug bites, have this on hand and you'll be covered.

Children's Pain Relief 

Cure fevers and aches safely with children's medicine.

No-Sting Liquid Bandage 

A better way to cover those scratches.

Cold Pack /Hot Pack 

Relief for any bumps and bruises.

Tweens and Teens

When hormones start raging and acne begins to flare, your teenager will appreciate some help.

Acne Body Wash 

Banish backne and other acne with medicated body wash.

Acne Cleanser 

Acne should always be combated with four steps, of which face wash is the first.

Acne Toner 

Toner is the second step, but isn't necessary unless you have extremely oily skin.

Acne Moisturiser 

Your acne moisturiser, the third step, should make your face feel moisturised, but not greasy.

Acne Treatment 

Spot treatments are the most effective way of battling acne.  Most are either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

Acne Kits 

Acne kits are the easiest way to fight acne.

Facial Exfoliant 

Scrub out dull skin cells to give your face a refreshed glow.  Best once a week.

Facial Mask 

Root out whiteheads, blackheads and other nasty impurities with masks once a week. 

Anti Perspirant 

Those who profusely sweat will appreciate these.


Smell fresh all day.