@tableOfContents(omitlevel1) Searching on ShopWiki is as simple as using any other search engine. The difference is that plain language descriptors are recognized and interpreted by our crawlers to yield the best possible results. For example, if you search for something in that is 24 inches and a product is listed by the manufacturer as 2 feet, the search will understand the similarity and give you an accurate result. Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions to guide through the search. If you still need more information, please email us at

How is the ShopWiki search different?

* No matter what you want to buy, Shopwiki can find it for you. * Our search engine allows you to search for exactly what you want. * Our search isn't baffled by normal punctuation or abbreviations. * Unlike other sites, which suggest you start with a general search, ShopWiki can find what you want according to the specifications you type in. * Shopwiki allows you to search in plain English for the price range you want there are no predetermined ranges set on the site.

How does ShopWiki find products?

* Our company crawls the Internet to find the best deals on anything you might want to buy. * We crawl more than 180,000 stores, indexing more than 120 million products.

How do I find what I'm looking for?

* Start by typing what you want into the search field and hit enter. For example, Digital camera. * If this search isn't specific enough, try adding more variables. * Price: Digital cameras under $300. (You can also use less than (<) or greater than (>) symbols to limit pricing.) * Brand: Olympus digital camera under $300. * Other factors: Olympus digital camera under $300 with at least 4 megapixels. * You can also adjust your search for these factors by using the features at the top of the search page. Use the slide to adjust the price range and use the drop-down menu to specify the brand. * If you want to make sure a certain word(s) is in all the results, put the word(s) in quotation marks. For example, try the search for "digital camera lenses". * You can also search to find a product with one attribute or another. For example: gold or silver cross pendant.

How do I decide what to buy?

* Part of ShopWiki's mission is to provide helpful information to the consumer about buying different products. If you don't know where to begin in your search for an item, consult our wiki buying and gift guides. Links to these guides are at the top of your screen after you search for something. * You can also browse through our buying and gift guide categories here.

Why am I seeing fewer results than on other sites?

* One reason is we work hard to eliminate irrelevant data. For example, if you searched for an MP3 Player we try to show you MP3 Players, not accessories for MP3 players. * We "roll up" offers for the same product when possible. For example, if the Canon D60 camera is available in 50 stores, our goal is to display this as a single line in the search result. Click on the correct product to see offers from all of the stores. * We try to eliminate offers that are simply links to affiliate sites, only showing the offers from the main store.

Why do you show out of stock/unavailable items?

* If the item you are searching for is unavailable everywhere or back-ordered, we want to let you know what stores might have it in the future. On some items, you might even be able to preorder the item. * Also if one store's price is better than the others, you may want to wait until the store has the item back in stock and buy it there.

How do I shop by price?

* The fastest way to shop by price is to simply type in the exact price range you want. For example: Blender between $30 and $60. * You can also use the price slider to set a price range. Your search results will automatically update. The left slider is the low end of the price range. If you only want results above a certain price, slide this to the right. The right slider is the high end of the range. If you only want results below a certain price, slide this to the left. * Unlike other search engines, you can make up any price range you want.

How do I shop by brand?

* The fastest way to search by brand is to type it directly into your search. For example: . * You can also use our brand field to specify one or several brands. Simply click the field. A list of available brands will appear. Check the boxes next to the brands you wish to view. When you have finished selecting the brands you want, click the X in the upper right hand corner to hide the list. Your search results will automatically update.

How do I shop by color?

* ShopWiki's Search by Color tool allows you to narrow down any search by a specific RGB color. * This works in two ways: You can do a general search, use the color slider to determine what color you want. Or you can perform your search with a specific color code in the search bar. Want a black handbag? Try
handbag #181818.

Can I specify other things about a product?

* Yes. Our search allows you to type in exactly the product you want to find. For example: The Rolling Stones CD * You can also write it like this: The Rolling Stones CD store:amazon. * To exclude a store from a search, write is like this: here to add ShopWiki to your buddy list.

How do I use ShopWiki Mobile Search?

* ShopWiki Mobile Search should work from any Wireless Access Protocol (WAP)enabled. * Type into your mobile browser. * Enter a search into the search box (brand name and number, for example). Remember, this works similarly to ShopWiki. You can specify price ranges and product features in your search, like "digital camera $400$500 > 3 mp" for short). * You can also try it out from your computer's browser using the same address:

I'm not satisfied with the search results. What should I do?

* Send us feedback! Fill out the form at the bottom of the search results page or go to our Problem Reporting Form to give a detailed explanation of your problem. For a more free-form of expression, click to our :feedback page and add a comment.

What should I do if I received adult content and it was not what I was looking for?

* If you get adult content, please let us know. Click the feedback links above and tell us about your inaccurate results. We will do our best to promptly fix the problem.

Is shipping and tax included?

* Shipping charges are estimated using your IP address to geo-track your location. If you are planning ship to a different address or our target is wrong, you can enter your zip code manually. Registered users can specify a zip code that will be associated with their user accounts. * Tax differs by state and store and are not included in our search.

How does ShopWiki determine which product is shown first in the results?

* On our main search page, products are listed in order of the most accurate results, based on the inputted search terms. Product offers listed on the individual product pages are determined by a combination of factors, including the popularity of the site offering the product and the lowest available price.

Where are the product reviews?

* Click on the product you want to find more about and you will land on our product detail page. Here you can click the "Reviews" tab to see what other people are saying about this product or to add your own thoughts.

What is an approved Store?

* A ShopWiki approved store have the Better Business Bureau's Reliability seal or are among the top 400 US retailers. !
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