High Chairs

By 6 months of age, most babies will be ready to sit up and enjoy solid food at meal time. As a baby begins to eat solid food (or at the very least mushy food), a proper high chair provide the child with back support to instill good posture and help aid digestion.  A wellchair'>high chair for under $100.

In Summary says that these are the 9 best high chairs: *JPMA and the CPSA for recalls and other safety ratings on baby products. * '''Trays''' ** The tray should sit comfortably in front of your baby. The best high chairs have more than one setting for the tray height. ** Make sure that the tray comes off easily, so you can sanitize it in the dishwasher between feedings. ** On the other hand, the tray shouldn't come off so easily that the baby can push it onto the floor, peas, carrots, and all. * '''Assembly Required''' ** Most high chairs require some assembly. ** Save all the packaging of the high chair until you have the chair assembled and have tested the piece. Returns will be much easier if you have all the information handy. ** Baby Trend models are among the simplest to build. * '''Extras''' ** Fourrocker'>rockers are nice, but not necessary. ** Toys may come included, perhaps even attached. ** Height adjustability is important so that you can feed the baby while standing or sitting. ** Wheels (and wheel locks) to move the high chair around easily. ** Foldable chairs are good for storing the chair and for travel. ** Easily cleaned fabrics are key. Baby Trend * Fisher Price * Graco * Chico * Peg Perego * Stokke

Also Consider

Several manufactureers, such as Bumbo and BebePOD have designed chairs that, in a pinch, can work as high chairs. * Why should you consider this chair? ** Versatililty-helps to teach your child to sit up and also can serve as a feeding chair. ** Easy to clean material. ** Cute and fun design. * Reason you could skip this purchase? ** Your child will likely outgrow this item by his/her first birthday. ** No feeding tray. ** If you pass on this temporary purchase you could put an extra $30-$40 in the college fund.

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