High Performance Tyres Buying Guide

High performance tyres  allow any driver to reach his or her maximum speed easily, offering better handling and heat resistance on the road.  Although they have a shorter tread-life and cost a little more money than your average tyre, these particular models often help drivers avoid car  accidents and also allow for better performance during competition.  There are different variations of high performance tyres available, however, so you do still have some choices to make.  It's always good to look for a set that come with a tread warranties, although they are often few and far between.  Also, assess your needs before shopping because some designs are better suited for racing, while others may specialize in inclement weather performance.  Check out some of the details below before you burn rubber!

Tyre Types

All-Season High Performance Tyres 

  • These achieve a balance between wet- and dry-weather performance by optimizing tread patterns to provide maximum traction under all sorts of conditions.  
  • Provide good handling and grip without sacrificing tread-wear or comfort.                                      
  • Built to eliminate/prevent heat build up than can lead to tyre related accidents.
  • Most work in light snow only.


Performance Snow Tyres 

  • They are more responsive than all-season tyres and regular snow tyres.
  • They are designed to work well in extreme temperatures.
  • They find traction in slush, snow and ice with a specialized tread design.
  • The find traction on hills and windy roads.
  • They can help you preserve the life of your summer tyres and thus, can help you save some cash by eliminating the need for frequent replacements.
  • Can be combined with snow chains  to enhance performance.


Ultra High Performance Tyres 

  • If you want the best wet and dry braking and handling and don't mind a short tread-life, these tyres may be your best choice.
  • They are especially useful for racing where rough, fast corners and breaking are inevitable.
  • Summer versions are faster than the winter versions, but they must never be used in snowy conditions.
  • These models almost never come with tread-life warranties.

Major Manufacturers

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