High Quality Ties Buying Guide

With traditional suits dominating professional dress attire, a person's tie can say a lot about him.  This is because ties offer personalization to an outfit that is far from personal. But wait!  Before you bring out your Jerry Garcia tie  to show everyone how much you loved the sixties, consider for a moment how your clients or supervisors interpret your tie choice.  A tie for a man should boast style and sophistication, not a weekend hobby .  Use this guide to choose a tie that helps you look your best. Cheers!

Designer Ties


Founded in 1856, Burberry  produces legendary English-made ties (among other accessories) using only the finest materials.  Recognized as one of the only fashion designers to receive a Royal Warrant of Appointment, Burberry's sense of classic style and current fashion make their ties suitable for even the fussiest tie connoisseur.


Gucci  is considered one of the most famous, prestigious, and easily recognizable fashion brands in the world.  Their signature ties can be found around the necks of countless high-profile figures and celebrities internationally.  With attention to every detail, these ties speak high-end luxury.


Kenzo  ties offer a perfect balance of original design and rich colour that create a sophisticated look for today's man.  Their high standards of production and bold look make these an excellent choice.

Hugo Boss

HUGO BOSS  adds unconventional accents and uniquely different styles to make a tie that adds an elegant addition to any wardrobe.  Their beautifully crafted ties with flamboyant colours are sure to receive many compliments.

Tie-in Your Tie

  • Look at your wardrobe and then pick a couple of shirts you would like to wear.
  • Identify the dominant colour in each shirt.
  • Find a tie that's colour scheme matches the dominant colour in the tie.
    • If you can't tell which colour is dominant, try looking at the shirt or tie from a distance.
    • For opposing colours that complement each other (like blue and yellow) try using a colour wheel.
  • For a solid shirt, choose:
    • A solid tie.
    • A patterned tie.
  • For a patterned shirt, choose:
    • A solid tie.
  • Be aware of different textures.
    • If your tie is solid but has a raised texture, pair it with a solid shirt of complementary colour to keep the outfit from becoming too 'busy'.

Major Manufacturers

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