Hockey Buying Guide

Hockey  is a fast-paced and physical sport where the object of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team.  With fast movement on the rink, a stick in hand, and body checking allowed, it gets dangerous and rowdy out there!  Players  and fans  both thrive off of the hype of it all, but please, let's be logical and take the proper safety precautions first.  We don't want anyone losing more teeth than necessary.

Ice Hockey Equipment

Having the proper hockey equipment  not only keeps the players safe, but enhances the performance of the game.  Depending on a player's position, he/she may have different buying priorities.    

For the Lower Body

Hockey Skates 

Ice Hockey Stick 

Hockey Pants 

Shin Guards 

Pelvic Protection 

For the Upper Body

Hockey Helmet 

Neck Guard 

Shoulder Pads 

Hockey Gloves 

Mouth Guard 

For the Goaltender

Goalie Stick 

Goalie Skates 

Goalie Mask 

Catch Glove 

Hand Blocker 

Goalie Chest and Arm Protector 

Goalie Pants 

Goalie Pads 

Goal Jock 

Goalie Socks 

Necessities for Roller Hockey Players

Roller Hockey Stick 

Roller Hockey Skates 

Roller Hockey Knee Pads 

Roller Hockey Gloves 

Roller Hockey Ball 

Miscellaneous Equipment

Hockey Bag 

Hockey Stick Tape 

Skate Holders 

Hockey Pucks 

Hockey Apparel 

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