Holiday Clothes for Kids

Tree trimming parties, Hanukkah celebrations and New Year's brunch. You'll want your kids to look great at all these events. Plus you know there is going to be a camera nearby. These pictures will last a lifetime, so make sure the kids look smashing this holiday season. With a little planning and some careful shopping, there's no reason dressing your kids for the holidays has to be stressful. Read on for some simple ideas, from mary janes, to make this the cutest holiday ever!



When it comes to getting older kids ready for the holidays, it pays to shop around and start early. Don't buy these clothes big enough to last two seasons, as they'll just look sloppy the first year and tight the second. Consider these tips before buying: * While you may want to splurge on a dress coat or a party dress, shoes are generally a good place to look for bargains. Kids generally hate their dress shoes, so you'll only bribe them into wearing them for a few precious hours. * Consider swapping holiday clothes with family and friends. * Shop at a resale store and remember to clean and store your own kid's items and bring them in for store credit! '''A few more things''' * Girl's will most likely need tights with their dresses and skirts. * Special barrettes are a nice touch in girl's hair. * Boys will need dress shoes. Photo Time offers a complete guide to making this year's card a keeper.  Some families opt for formal outfits by the Christmas tree, while others go in for a picture set in the great outdoors with matching outfits on the kids. Don't forget to have a fun game or treat planned for after the photo session to thank your kids for their patience and good spirit. Here are a few ideas for outdoor casual portraits: * Monogrammed Turtlenecks. * Holiday sweaters. * Matching parkas. * Colorjackets'>polar fleece jackets.