Holiday and Seasonal Crafts Buying Guide

Nothing says "celebration  " like a day of unbridled fun. Children love arts  and crafts  and parents love busy (and quiet) kids; this activity is an all around winner. Generally speaking, holidays and special occasions are both fun and stressful. These activities will help you prepare for the roller coaster while keeping the kiddies task oriented. 

If you're looking to wind down yourself, consider doing some adult seasonal crafts . Making wreaths , baking cookies , or constructing homemade greeting cards  are great ways to stay productive while taking a breather. Just think - you can turn all of your anxious or anticipatory energy into creativity. Arts and crafts can help you gear up and get ready for an event or holiday while calming your nerves.

Whatever the occasion, you can find a creative outlet right here. Click one of the links below for a crafts guide based on a specific holiday, or just browse the ideas listed below. Have an idea of your own? Add it! Here at ShopWiki, anyone and everyone can create or edit content, so start sharing with us! 

Back to School 

  • Decorate a backpack 
  • Buy plain white folders  and turn each into a masterpiece

Bow Making 

  • Make an enormous holiday bow  for your door
  • Be creative with gift wrapping
  • Tie a special bow for a little girl's hair 

Christmas and Winter

  • Bake holiday cookies !
  • Decorate your house and yard with christmas lights 
  • Build a snowman, snowwoman, or snowfamily

Easter and Spring 

  • Dye eggs for the holiday
  • Plant bulbs  when it starts to warm
  • Arrange a bouquet  to brighten up your kitchen or bedroom

Gift Wrapping 

  • Create your own wrapping paper 
  • Tie a bow yourself for a personal touch
  • Embellish the wrapping paper 


  • Carve a pumpkin 
  • Haunt your yard with cobwebs 
  • Dye your dinner green


Mother's and Father's Day 

  • Don't buy a card - make one
  • Serve the 'rents breakfast in bed
  • THEN try to cook their favorite dinner! 


  • Attempt napkin origami
  • Put together table bouquets
  • Create a unique hors d'oeuvre, or put a new twist on an old recipe


  • Try making traditional national dishes
  • If you aren't much of a cook, use food dye to show your true colors!

St. Patrick's Day 

  • Put together a green outfit
  • Make an mix tape of old Irish tunes 
  • Do anything green! 


  • Make a homemade fruit punch 
  • Decorate the house with fresh cut flowers 
  • Try out your green thumb and make a garden  of your own 


  • Organize an apple picking trip
  • Make your own scented candle to  keep you warm and cozy 

Valentine's Day 

  • Put together a romantic evening, complete with candles  and a mixtape
  • Don't be too predictable! Don't buy candy , make it! 


  • Hand write your invitations 
  • Put together a picture sideshow
  • Decorate the newlyweds' car