Home Accessories Buying Guide

Decorating or redecorating your home? Home accessories  don't have to match each other exactly but they should complement the décor of a room or accent your existing furniture .  There's no need to go overboard when accessorising,  but a couple of nice pieces can make you feel great about your home. Here are a few ideas for items that can give your room that extra touch it needs.

Tabletop Décor


The great thing about vases is that they can look decorative and pretty even if they don't have flowers  in them.


Candles can add a wonderful scent to a room and help to set a mood. Pick out your favourite smells and colours.


Pot-pourri can match with any colour scheme and can be purchased or even made right in your home.


A small table piece can be a great conversation starter, while adding some culture to your room.


Lamps can be decorative and functional!

Decorative Storage

Coat Rack 

Coat racks are excellent to have when company comes over, and they are a cute piece to mount on the wall.

Umbrella Stands 

If you plan on having company over often, it's always useful to have a place for wet umbrellas .

Magazine Holders 

These are a smart way to keep that stack of magazines  from getting tossed all over the floor.


Use these to keep toys ,clothes ,shoes  and just about anything else off the ground.


Use these to store CDs ,DVDs  and books , of course! Can also be used for displaying small knick-knacks of your choice.

For Your Walls


A clock is extremely useful to have in any part of the house, so why not make it decorative and fun?

Wall Art 

Printed replicas of artwork by your favourite artist are a stellar way to express your taste.


Place a mirror in your foyer so you have somewhere to check your reflection before leaving the house.

Picture Frames 

Consider a versatile digital picture frame  or a pretty ornamental frame on your end table.


Change your wreath with the seasons to keep your home festive all year long.


Fireplace Accessories 

Having a nice set for all of your fireplace items is a great, no-fuss way to keep your hearth looking neat.

Bar Sets 

If you make and serve a lot of drinks, having a complete bar set will go a long way.


Have a matching set of curtains for your windows to help hold in heat while adding some decoration to the room.

Nesting Tables 

Use these tables as snack trays for company or simply as decoration.

End Tables 

Place these on either end of your couch or sectional and you will have a place to put drinks and the remote control .

Get Comfortable

Recliner Chair 

Have one big, comfy chair that's perfect for sitting back and watching the telly.

Throw Pillows 

These have an enhancing quality for your room and are functional as well.


A large sofa is a cosy place to seat company or stretch out and watch a film.


Pick up a throw or even a slanket  in your favourite fabric and colour for the ultimate decorating and comfort piece.


Get comfortable and place your tea  or hot chocolate  on a coaster without ruining your end tables.

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