Home Furnishings and Décor Buying Guide

There's so much to think about when it comes to home furnishings , sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Lucky for you, our guide outlines all of the basics and the not-so-basics, complete with tons of extras to help you make your house a home. Remember to consider the budget and space you have to work with before shopping, as this will make it much easier to narrow down your selections in the long run. Personal style can be difficult to establish when first decorating  or revamping a home, so remember that your house should be a reflection of you, and it should keep you comfortable and happy. Good luck and remember to have fun!


Why not start with your favourite place to get a good night's sleep? Here are a few basics to keep your space cosy and personalised.

Bed Linens and Bedding

Our guide can give you lots of great tips when it comes to buying your bedding. Luckily, bed sheets  and comforters  come in a wide variety of colours to match with a funky bedroom or a serene style.

Bed Linen Basics

Egyptian cotton  or flannel bed sheets ?Sham  or dust ruffle ? This guide is a great resource for buying the perfect linens for your lifestyle.


Maybe you want a reversible comforter  that you can change depending on your mood, or perhaps an extra warm one to keep you comfortable on those cold nights. The options are endless!

Therapeutic Pillows

These are soft and better for your back and neck than traditional pillows. Enhance your sleeping experience and check out our guide.

Bed Pillows

Whether you use one pillow or three, this buying guide will help you purchase the right pillows  so that you can rest easy.

Sitting Room and Study


Having somewhere to sit is important for any room. Pick up some comfy love-seats  and overstuffed armchairs  and check out our guide. 


Our guide has all sorts of suggestions for lamp lighting, including night table lamps ,accent lamps  and more. 

Home Theatre Systems

Jazz up your viewing experience with a high quality entertainment system  where you can watch all of your favourite programmes.

Office Furniture

Have proper furniture is conducive to getting lots of work done. Make sure to pick out desk chairs  that properly support your back and a desk  with a large workspace. 

Light Fixtures

A large, bold light fixture is a great item that will bring life to any room. From classic chandeliers  to retro stained glass fixtures , explore all of your options with our guide.

Home Style Tips

  • Theme: When decorating, you don't need an overly-specific theme, just an idea of how you want your space to look. For example, do you want your kitchen to have a rustic, country feel to it? Consider buying some wooden chairs  and a simple tablecloth. Any theme can be carried across easily and look smart at the same time. 
  • Colour Scheme: Just because you're going for a modern look, the whole room doesn't have to consist of red, black and white. Work other subtle colours in like silver, brown or cool blue. Trying to get too colour-coordinated in one room can just end up looking overdone.
  • Clutter: Having one great picture frame  for your end table is great, but trying to fit five on there may result in excess--and your room will look messy. Pick out your favourite items to put on display and, if possible, put the rest in storage. You can keep things current by rotating pieces every couple of months.

Add Some Personality!

Put a little fun in your home with these decorative and functional items designed for any abode.


Maybe you want to warm up while you are watching a movie  and don't want to keep taking off and putting on a blanket while you get up to make snacks or change the channel. A Slanket is basically a blanket with sleeves, which means you never have to take it off and you can get lots of things done while keeping warm at the same time. Brilliant!

The Magic Wand Remote Control 

While we're getting comfortable, there may as well be a fun way to change the channels. Make like Harry Potter  and use this magic wand to actually change the channels on your TV . This comes complete with a manual to help you practise specific movements that will alter the volume on your telly, change channels, and even turn it off and on for you.

Voodoo Knife Block 

This is a funky new way to hold all of your kitchen utensils and comes complete with a set of five high-quality cooking knives. Use it to offset some unconventional décor, and, with or without the knives, this Voodoo Block is sure to turn heads.

Giant Microbes 

Think cold germs but fluffy and plush--that's exactly how these Giant Microbe dolls are designed. They are perfect for cheering you up and educational, too! Each one is designed to look like a specific germ and comes with information and photos about each disease. For those willing to try new things, these are a completely different take on home decoration.

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