Home Theatre Buying Guide

Putting together a home theatre system  can be difficult or easy depending on how you go about doing it.  If you get it right, the way you perceive movies and music will dramatically change for the better!  But, you may never want to leave your house again.  Good luck.


Let's start with the basics.  Decide what kind of television will work for you and your space and then build your system from there. 


LCD Televisions

Plasma Televisions

Multimedia Projectors

Rear Projection Televisions

Watch Your Movies

Next, you will need something to watch your favourite DVDs on.  Look for the latest technologies! 

DVD Players

Blu-Ray Disc Player

DVD Recorders

DVD/VCR Combos

TV Combos

Surround With Sound

Sure, you might see the picture beautifully, but you are going to want to hear the dimensions of the sound as well.  Try these products to amplify your music and movies and check out our guide to Home Audio

Audio Shelf Systems

AV Receivers

CD Changers

DVD Minisystems

Home Theatre Systems

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Once you have the basics of your system set up, look for these accessories to enhance your home theatre experience.