Cocktail Shakers and Accessories Buying Guide

Mixing a cocktail is very easy if you’ve got the right shaker and cocktail accessories! A cocktail shaker is a utensil usually made of metal. It is used to shake the ingredients of the cocktail together properly along with plenty of ice. To enjoy a chilled cocktail, here’s a tip – clean and chill the empty glasses beforehand. 

Types of Cocktail Shakers

  • Boston shaker: This is preferred by professionals and it comes in two pieces, one is the bottom liquid holder and the other is the shaking instrument. The bottom is usual a metal one, whereas the stirrer can either be glass or plastic. You can use a separate strainer with this shaker. There is also a measuring glass attached to this kind of shakers.  
  • Cobbler shaker: This is a three-piece shaker set. The cap has measurements on them for proportional mixing of drinks.  
  • French shaker: This comes in two pieces, a metal container and the top lid. You will need an additional strainer. This strainer helps in straining out the non-liquid ingredients from the drink.  
  • Acrylic shaker: A lightweight material is used to make such cocktail shakers. The body of this shaker is transparent so you can easily look at the contents.  


To successfully mix a drink, you’ll need more than just a cocktail shaker. There are a lot of interesting accessories that go with a cocktail shaker. They are cocktail decors such as straws and decorative umbrellas, cocktail glasses, strainers, ice cube trays and tongs, muddlers and stirrers.  

Cocktail glasses come in attractive styles which can add to the appeal of a drink. Such glasses are also called martini glasses. They have a triangular shape with a thin stem for grip so that the drink stays chilled.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

WMF Loft Cocktail Shaker :

This is a curvy and stylish shaker!

Bar Craft Acrylic Cocktail Shaker :

This lightweight shaker has measurements printed on the outside

Mako Large Tin Boston Cocktail Shaker :

This comes with a Boston shaker tin to conceal the surprise drink

Quick Picks

French Cocktail Shaker Gift Set :

Gift your loved ones this shiny stainless steel shaker with accessories! 

John Lewis Acrylic Cocktail Shaker, Kingfisher :

This transparent shaker is ideal for serving colourful cocktails

Pink Elephant Cocktail Shaker :

This pink shaker is perfect for mixing up fizzy drinks at a kid’s birthday party

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