Stoppers and Pourers Buying Guide

Any restaurant bar or house bar will require bottle stoppers and pourers for decanting liquors and to extend their sought after vintage’s flavours.

Wine Pourers and Stoppers

Wine pourers are designed in such a manner that they enable you to pour wine smoothly and also control the flow speed without even wasting a drop. The stoppers effectively seal the contents keeping them fresh and retain the flavour.  Different varieties of wine pourers are available in different materials ranging from cheap plastic to expensive metals and marble. 

  • Cork Stoppers with Bark tops are decorative stoppers ideal for pottery, ceramic, glass containers and jars.
  • Regular length Tapered corks are available in various widths, qualities and lengths.
  • Flange Cork Stoppers have a straight body and seals perfectly.
  • Liquor Cork Stoppers are good quality ones with a combination of metal, plastic, glass or wood with cork.
  • Plastic Top Stoppers are easy, convenient and quick to replace and remove.
  • Liquor Bottle Pourers with Corks are ideal for pouring liquor cleanly and easily.
  • Wine Corks are used in sealing and maturing wines successfully. Various kinds of wine corks in various grades like agglomerate, colmated, natural and twin top are available.
  • Short length Tapered Corks are ideal for containers that need shorter insertion.

Tips for Selecting Stoppers and Pourers

  • When you choose wine pourers for wine sampling, exhibitions and tasting events, it is good to choose the ones that pour slowly as flow regulation and offering equal measures are important.
  • Vacuum stoppers should be chosen with care as they can sometimes spoil the wine due to creation of more vacuum.
  • Pourers should be made out of highly durable material that is flexible, reusable, easily washable and dishwasher safe.
  • Stoppers should seal properly and should be easy handle, attach and remove.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Vacuvin Vacuum Stoppers :

A set of two, this re-usable dishwasher safe stopper can be used with original wine saver or concerto wine saver.

Winer Pourer and Stopper :

center>It is a stainless steel wine bottle pourer and air-tight stopper.

Wine and Circular Pourer :

center>This circular wine pourer features a dark wooden handle for comfort and secure stand to prevent from unnecessary spillage.descriptiontext 

Quick Picks

Kitchencraft Wine Pourer & Stopper :

center> It is must have item in your kitchen.

Personalised Wine Stopper :

center>You can gift this when you are out to a party at your friend’s place.

Heart & Diamante Wine Stopper :

center>A chrome plated heart design wine stopper with diamante jewel.

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