Kitchen Measuring Tools and Scales Buying Guide

Measuring tools and scales help you make a perfect dish or bake a perfect cake. Sometimes you will have to measure the ingredients and add them in a perfect ratio for making an excellent dish.    

Essential Kitchen Measuring Tools

  • Kitchen Thermometers: When you are grilling meat or making candy you would require specially made thermometers to gauge the temperature for a perfect outcome. 
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons: It is ideal to have two sets of measuring cups and spoon one for measuring dry ingredients and the other for measuring wet ingredients.
  • Kitchen Timer: The kitchen timers note the time required for cooking and gives an alarm to identify that it’s cooked well. For instance when you are cooking poached eggs timers are a great help for beginners.  
  • Pastry Mats: Cutting pastries and pizzas to a desired shape and size is made easy with pastry mats. They have measurements jotted on them for cutting to precise sizes.            
  • Measuring Scales: Measuring scales are used to weigh a portion of food or ingredients. For instance cheese and butter can be weighed or even flour an sugar can be weighed for baking.  Weighted measuring scales use spring, round dial and single flat tray type measuring scales. Electronic measuring scales have a spring mechanism yet give digital readings. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Salter Meat Thermometer :

The thermometer features a stainless steel body with a silicone easy grip.  

11pc measuring spoon and cup set :

The measuring spoon and cup set is useful for measuring both liquid and dry food ingredients.   

Alessi Kitchen Timer :

The kitchen timer is a designer piece that is stylish and functional.  

Quick Picks

Salter Sweetie Kitchen Scales :

The stainless steel and chrome manual scale can be easily adjusted for weighing quantities.  

Hanson Maya Electronic Kitchen Scale :

The electronic scale contains a dishwasher safe tray that is 1.5 litres.   

Kitchen Scale and Measuring Jug :

The measuring jug provides weight and volume measurements for various baking and cooking ingredients.  

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