Casseroles Buying Guide  

Casseroles are deep, large dishes used for cooking as well as serving. Casseroles are capable of withstanding long cooking. They are made of thick materials such as glass, glazed earthenware or stoneware. Casseroles are ornamental and stylish so that they look attractive on the table. They come with large handles for easy grip. Most of the casseroles come with lid as well, for safe transportation and keeping them from drying out while under refrigeration. Casseroles dishes are microwave and dishwasher safe.   

Types of Casseroles  

  • Glass Casseroles: Glass casseroles are ovenproof and can be used for everyday cooking. They are highly versatile and stylish. They are made of toughened glass which makes cleaning so easy. They come along with closing lids.
  • Cast Iron Casseroles: Cast iron casserole dishes are known for even and efficient heat distribution without any hot spots. They are coated with hygienic and high quality enamel. Cast iron casseroles can be used in ovens as well as in electric, gas, ceramic, halogen top hobs and induction hobs. These cast iron casseroles come in round, shallow and oval shapes.
  • Stoneware Casseroles: Stoneware casseroles are ideal for fine cooking under high temperatures. They produce mouth-watery foods as a result of fine cooking. These casseroles come with hygienic and smooth enamelled surface which is scratch resistant and easy to clean. Stoneware casseroles are all-in-one, they can do baking, roasting, storage and preparation.
  • Stainless Steel Casseroles: Stainless steel casseroles are oven proof and can be used in induction hobs too. They are long-lasting, easy to use and durable. When used correctly on medium and low heats, they provide excellent performance, releasing foods and residues easily. These casseroles are ideal for healthier cooking with very little oil or fat.
  • Non-stick Cast Aluminium Casseroles: Non-stick casseroles promise easy and quick cleaning, striking design, lightweight and optimum cooking ability. These casseroles come with heat resistant, oven proof, glass lid. These pans are ideal for frying, braising and baking with a minimum of fat or oil used. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Maxim Casserole Dish :

The casserole dish is glazed and doesn’t get stained in the oven and can be a part of tableware.  

Le Creuset Oval Casseroles Almond :

The oval casserole is handcrafted with the finest material and so is durable and long lasting.   

Pyroflam Casserole with Lid :

Made from vitro ceramic, the casserole is heat resistant and durable.  

Quick Picks

Le Creuset Teal Round Casserole :

The casserole is ideal for pot roasting, preparing soups, rice dishes and baking. It features an iron covering lid.  

Denby Imperial Blue Casserole :

The blue and white casserole is a stone ware with a glazed finish and is dishwasher safe.  

Purple amethyst casserole dish and lid :

The purple amethyst casserole has a glazed finish and is freezer and dishwasher safe.   

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