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If you live in countries where the weather can get really chilly and the temperatures drop very often, then heating appliances might not be new to you.  There are various options when it comes to heating appliances. They are even available for outdoors. 

Kinds of Heating Appliances

 Heating appliances can be broadly classified into electric and non-electric heaters, vented or non-vented, built-in or freestanding.     

  • Electric heating appliances are excellent choices as they are capable of producing a lot of heat out of electricity.  They can further be classified into convection and radiant heating appliances. The former heats and spreads warmth all over the room and operate in a quiet manner.  They might have hot water coil, electrical element or steam coil for heating.  Convection heaters are classified as forced convection heaters and natural convection heaters.  Radiant heating appliances are other types of electrical heating appliances.  Instead of making the air warm they warm an object. The floor is heated instead of ceiling and is most often used in garages, warehouses and storerooms.
  • Non-electric heating appliances are suited for outdoor areas.  They can be classified according to their heat source such as kerosene heating appliances, natural gas heating appliances and wood space heaters.  They are inexpensive when compared to the electric heaters but might affect the air quality and produce harmful gases like carbon monoxide.

Outdoor Heating Appliances  

  • Patio heaters are normally used at outdoor restaurants and cafes and in residences they are available in stainless steel in smaller versions.  Most of them are operated using natural or propane gas.
  • Outdoor fireplaces can create a great ambience apart from producing heat.  They make use of both wood and gas.  They are most often used during outdoor entertainment.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

DeLonghi Electric Convector Heater :

This device has built in carry handles. 

Appliance Electric Wall Mounted Slim Panel Heater :

This 2000 Watt appliance is ideal for background warmth.

Delonghi HVE Electric Heater :

This appliance has a feature for overheat protection too.

Quick Picks

Draper Electric Heater :

This 3KW heater is ideal for garages and workshops.

De'Longhi Vento Electric Oil Filled Radiator :

This works because of its internal chimney-like structure to increase convective airflow.

Burley Heater :

This freestanding fan heater has a virtual flame effect.

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