Kitchen Bins Buying Guide

Recycling waste and that is recyclable and composting waste that are biodegradable are two important responsibilities of an individual. Kitchen bins help the above processes and in addition to this there are some storage bins for kitchen storage.   Kitchen bins can be made of plastic or stainless steel. Steel bins are durable and stylish, but expensive when compared to plastic bins. Plastic bins have a low shelf life and need to be replaced after sometime, yet solve the purpose. Kitchen bins are available in all possible sizes and can be placed below the kitchen counter or near the sink area or in the corner. 

Types of Kitchen Bins

Compost Bins: Many think that composting kitchen waste is a messy process, but if you have the right compost bins then the process becomes easy. You can add the vegetable waste and layer them for composting and later empty them into the garden compost pit. Everyday cleaning will help prevent odour and make sure kitchen compost bins have tight lid closures.  

Pet food storage bins: Dog and cat treats and regular pet food can be stored in these airtight containers. They can be used for keeping the pet food fresh.   

Bread bins: Bread bins are used for storing bread and it keeps the bread fresh and prevents it from getting stale at least for a few days.  

Trash bins: Trash bins are ideal for storing trash before disposal. Trash bins with lids and pedal bins that operate when you press on the pedal are popular options. Touch bins are also common in many households. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Kes Slim Kitchen Bin :

the slim bin attaches easily to the door of your cupboard or kitchen.  

Brabantia Steel Touch Bin :

You have to just touch the lids of touch bin for the bin to open for waste disposal.    

Kitchen Waste Scraps Bin :

The bin is useful for composting and features a tight lid closure.  

Quick Picks

Living Kitchen Bread Bin :

The cream coloured bread bin effectively preserves bread for at least a few days.          

Large Pet Food Bin :

Place the food bin at one corner of your kitchen and retrieve your pet food from it whenever it is your pet’s snack time.  

Wilko Stainless Steel Oval Pedal Bin :

The pedal bin features a non touch operation and is ideal for a hygienic kitchen.   

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