Serving Dishes Trays and Platters Buying Guide

Your serving dishes should look just as good as the delicious food that you make.


  • Plastic Serving Trays: These trays are suitable for hard usage. They come in different designs, colours and styles to suit the varying decor. The cost of these serving trays varies depending on the size.
  • Wooden Serving Trays: These serving trays are the most commonly used type of kitchenware. Their carved patterns give them an exotic look. You can get them in varying sizes, designs and shapes.
  • Metal Serving Trays: These serving trays are made from metals such as silver-plated, gold-plated, stainless steel and chrome finish, to give a stylish look to the kitchen as well as the dining table. They are the most expensive form of kitchenware, but are durable. Some of the common metals used include silver, pewter and bronze.

Quick Picks


Quick Picks

Fair Trade Wooden Rectangular Serving Dish :

Made from Rauli wood, this dish is hand-carved. It is suitable for salads, canapés, or can also be used as a fruit bowl.

Pillivuyt Serving Dishes :

These serving dishes are made from porcelain and are designed to be ideal for serving food during parties.

Crazy Daisy Serving Platter with Dip Dishes :

This platter measures 23 x 11.5 cm and comes with two matching dip dishes. 


Quick Picks

Sizzle Platter Cast Iron Griddle Serving Tray/Dish :  

This serving tray is designed to be dishwasher safe. It is completely made from cast iron.

LLB Flirtation Porcelain Serving Platter :

Measuring 30 cm in diameter, this serving platter adds to the style of the dinner table.

Cast Iron Serving Dish Platter Hot Plate :

This platter is made from cast iron and features a detachable handle and wooden base.

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