Mantel Clocks Buying Guide

Mantel clocks are considered as great ornamental pieces that they are possessed by both non-collectors and collectors.  They are preferred for their artistry and diverse quality. Most often they are classified based on the movement of the clock as key wound mantel clocks and quartz or battery operated mantel clocks.   

Mantel Clock Materials

Initially mantel clocks were made by iron, still certain antique types are made out of iron in basic forms and shapes.  Later on various kinds of materials were used in the making.  Among them mantel clocks made out of wood got the heirloom status as they were made using quality wood like cherry, mahogany, walnut and so on.

Collectible Mantle Clock Designs

  • Classic types are found on antique clock designs representing Greek and Roman deities, acanthus foliage, klismos chairs and various other classical forms.
  • Scenic types have scenes depicting historic events or symbolic designs.
  • Chiming types have chiming as the main feature in the clocks which can range from simple melody chiming to very playful tunes every hour.
  • Novelty types are very stylish, creative and imaginative in all ways that they do not fall under any particular category.
  • Simple designs include tambour, beehive, arch top, rounded top and steeple kind of mantel clocks.

Other Designs

  • Mantel Clock 19th Century Designs include Rococo, Baroque, Neoclassical, Faberge Egg.
  • Vintage Mantel Clock Types includes bracketed mantel clocks, carriage mantel clocks, marine mantel clocks, atmos mantel clocks, anniversary mantel clocks and skeleton mantel clocks
  • You can also choose between the hand wound and quartz type based on your convenience.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Seiko Gold Mantel Clock :

The mantel clock has a steel body coloured gold and a white dial with a beep alarm.  

Gold Baroque Mantel Clock :

The gold baroque is made from resin and has a finish in an antique gold pain.    

Hand Painted Henley Mantel Clock :

The mantel clock is raspberry red and has numbering on all four corners.

Quick Picks

Personalised Square Glass Mantel Clock :

The base is a plaque with a square style design and has roman numerals.    

Engraved Mantel Crystal Clock :

Made of crystal, the mantel clock is a perfect gift for your kith and kin.     

Large Straight Edge Mantel Clock :

The designer mantel clock has a wooden finish.     

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