Bedding Sheets Buying Guide

Bedding sheets are used to cover up your mattresses for cleanliness and comfort . They are available in different colours, materials, styles, designs and patterns. Generally, bedsheets come in two varieties: flat and fitted. Flat bed sheets are rectangular shaped and are free floating, whereas fitted bed sheets have their four corners fitted with elastic to go around the mattress.

Types of Bed Sheets

Cotton Bed Sheets: Egyptian and Supima are the two popular types of cotton used in cotton bedding. The quality of cotton bed sheets depend on the thread count and the type of weave. The higher the thread count the more luxurious the sheets would be. When it comes to weaves, sateen weave ensures soft and smooth bed sheets but is not considered durable. On the other hand, standard weaved ones are durable but not soft. Pinpoint weave is the midchild of sateen and standard weave. Twill weave produces bed sheets that are durable, wrinkle free and soft.

Flannel Bed Sheets: These bed sheets are perfect for winter and in places with cooler climates as they tend to keep you warm and cosy. The quality of flannel bed sheets depends on the weight per square yard. The heavier the flannel bed sheets, the softer they will be and are less likely to pill.

Jersey Bed Sheets: Made of knit cotton, these bed sheets tend to look and feel like a cotton t-shirt. They are highly stretchable, and hence fit snugly. They are midway between cotton and flannel bed sheets.   '

Satin Bed Sheets: These bed sheets can be very are luxurious provided you choose the right ones. The quality of the satin bed sheets depends on whether the fabric is knitted or woven. When it comes to woven or knitted satin sheets, woven sheets are definitely more comfortable.   

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Supersoft Latte King Size Fitted Sheet :

This bedding sheet is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is an exclusive Textiles Direct branded product.

Kids Line Snug as a Bug Flat Sheet :

With embroidered images of cute little bugs on a refreshing white background, it is an ideal choice for your kids bedroom.

Flannelette Pram Sheets in Pairs :

Made of 100% cotton, these bedding sheets are sure to make your baby feel comfortable.

Quick Picks

Easy-care' Plain-dyed Fitted Bed Sheet :

This bed sheet set in purple hues is a lovely choice.

Twin Pack Flannelette Sheets for Nursery Bedding :

These beddings sheets from Lollipop Lane Essentials Collection are made of 100% cotton.

Moose and Bird Flannelette Flat Sheets :

It is ideal for coordinating with your Moose and Bird bedding range and is made of 100% cotton.

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