Carpets and Rugs Buying Guide

Even dull looking areas and rooms can reflect energy and beauty with the help of carpets and rugs. Rugs and carpets can be used not only to beautify your floors, but also can be used as decorative wall hangings.

Kinds of Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs differ in the way they are woven or by the use of fibers.  They can be broadly classified as cut pile and loop pile carpets where the loop pile types last longer than the cut pile types as they are fluffy and soft.  Most of the carpets (wall-to-wall) are made using the five following fibers.   

  • Nylon carpets are highly priced due to their durability and dependable nature.  These are normally the preferred ones in the houses as they are easily entangled and also easy clean even if it gets stained.
  • Polyester carpets too are stain resistant and durable.  Many like them for their attractive and colourful look.
  • Wool carpets are twice the price of nylon carpets owing to their high quality and attractive look.
  • Olefin or polypropylene carpets are very affordable but they get crushed easily and melt when exposed to very low temperatures.
  • Acrylic rugs look very similar to the woolen fibers that they are becoming popular. They are stain resistant and springy.  The colours stay intact for a long time.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Coleman Tent Carpet :

The Coleman tent carpet is specially designed for Coleman tents.  

Gelert Horizon Carpet :

The Gelert carpet features printed designs and are colourful additions to your floors and walls.  

Bergamo Grey Carpet :

the grey carpet is ideal for home usage and features a felt back.   

Quick Picks

Orvis Faux Antique Carpet :

The antique carpet gives a rich and textured look to your floors and stairs.   

Wool Stripe Rug :

The rug is multicoloured and striped.  

Essence washable rug :

the washable rug is anti- slip and is made of polypropylene.  

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