Kitchen and Dining Tables Buying Guide

Dining tables play an important role while dining, breakfast and dinner and also while you are hosting parties and formal dinners.   

Factors to Consider

  • Shape: You can go in for round, rectangular, square or oblong dining tables depending on the space available. Round dining tables encourage smooth conversation to flow around and are perfect for social gatherings. Square ones save space and are casual. Rectangular dining tables are ideal for a formal setting. If you are having an elaborate formal dinner, place setting across large rectangular dining tables are preferable.
  • Size: The minimum space occupied by a diner is at least 24 inches. So for every guest who dines, there should be enough space for comfort. If you have a small kitchen, a small bistro table or a corner dining table will suit if you place the same table in a large area there would be too much empty space.
  • Capacity: The capacity of a dining table depends on the number of family members in your house. If it is a small family of four a four seated dining table would do. If it is a large family then you would require a rectangular table.
  • Construction: Formal occasions warrant dark colours in wood and metal constructions as light shades denote a casual atmosphere. Some commonly used woods for construction are walnut, mahogany, cherry, oak and pine. Aluminium, chrome and steel are some popular metals for constructing dining tables.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Hepworth Dining Tables & 6 Fabric Chairs Set :

The dining table set is made from solid birch and birch veneer with brass detailing.

Cadiz Extending Dining Table :

The dining table is made of solid antique pine and features brushed metal handles.

Crystal Black Glass Dining Table :

The dining table features chrome legs and a black glass top.

Quick Picks

Auckland dining table :

The dining table is circular and can seat six people.

Seville' extending dining table :

the extending table is made of dark wood and features a butterfly action.

Richmond Oak Large Dining Table – Extending :

The extending table is made of wood with a solid oak finish.

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