Barbecue Tools and Accessories Buying Guide

Barbecue plays an important role in socializing and bonding with the family and friends. 

Baisic Barbecue Tools and Accessories

  • Tongs are used for picking food or any stuff off the barbecue grills.  Some tongs are also available with fork and spatula on either side.
  • Turner / Spatula is mainly used for turning bigger food stuff to cook them evenly on all the sides. 
  • Basting Brushes are used for coating the surface of the food with oil, egg or any other fat and sauce.  There are even basting brushes with hollow handles that enable the users to apply enough sauce and at the same time brush it in just single stroke.
  • Forks are mainly used for checking whether the food that is grilled is cooked properly.  Some even have thermometers built in them but they might not be very accurate.
  • Grill Brushes are very important tools as they help in keeping the barbecue grills clean and neat.  They should be used after every use to avoid building up of grit.
  • Charcoal Baskets are used for storing charcoal required for the grills without causing a mess.
  • Carving Knives are both used for cutting the food placed on the grill and also for carving the cooked food properly.
  • Grill Thermometers are used for ensuring if the right temperature for cooking is reached in the grill.
  • Grill Lights can be of great use when cooking in dark or winter.
  • Grill Baskets are separately available for corns, fish or for various items put together in one.  They can also be used for most of the specific tasks too.
  • Grill Grids are mainly used when cooking smaller items.
  • Grill Press makes sure that the food is cooked evenly mainly for flat burgers.
  • Skewers, metal or bamboo, are available in various shapes and are mainly used for turning kababs.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Weber Q Tool Set :

The specially designed barbecue tool set consists of slotted spatula and easy-grip locking kitchen tongs.

Weber Electric Barbecue :

The barbecue reduces your hassles with its easy electric grilling.

Barbecue Skewers :

The Skewers make your barbecue a fun event as they hold your poultry, fish and meat.

Quick Picks

B and Q Barbecue Tool Set with Carry Case :

The tool set contains essential barbecue accessories like your tongs.

Barbecue Tool Kit with Case :

The barbecue tool kit consists tongs, spatula, scraper, and salt shaker and pepper shaker.

Stainless steel barbecue tools set :

The stainless steel barbecue tools contain wooden handles and are great for gift giving.

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