Greenhouses Buying Guide

Greenhouses are the structures with plastic or glass, preferably glass, roof and walls, to grow plants within. They retain heat and keep the plants and ground warm. Greenhouses range in size from small sheds to large buildings. These structures are available in different styles. 

Styles in Greenhouses

Traditional Style Greenhouses: Traditional greenhouses allow generous growing space and are easy to work and move around. But these styles are quite expensive to heat them during winter. 

Barn Style Roof Greenhouses: These greenhouses are impressive and have more space. They have generous head room and grow area. Barn style greenhouses are ideal for growing taller plants and they require no bases. 

Lean-to Style Greenhouses: These structures are kept leaning on the walls and are highly space saving. Lean-to greenhouses are heat efficient but they may need additional ventilation and shade blinds, since they could overheat in summer if kept south facing.  

Heptagonal Greenhouses: As the name suggests, they are heptagonal in shape and they need only a little space. They are ideal for small plants and can be conveniently placed in patios. 

Cold Frame Greenhouses: Cold frame greenhouses are ideal for winter and they protect plants from frost. These structures are easy to move and assemble. They are cheap and affordable. 

Polythene racked Greenhouses: These are the most commonly used green houses with shelves and stages. They are ideal for growing many small plants and are affordable. But they have disadvantages such as they could blow away during heavy winds due to lightweight construction and they cannot be heated. 

Heaters and Accessories

Heaters: There are three types of heating systems for greenhouses, electrical heaters, gas heaters and paraffin heaters. These heaters are easy to install and have maximum efficiency.   

Replacement covers, windowsill propagators, poly tunnel cloche, thermometers, propagator covers, capillary kits and seed trays are some of the other accessories available for greenhouses. 

Quick Picks  

Quick Picks

Gardman Tier Green house Indoor Outdoor Garden :

The indoor garden green house protects and provides improved growth to plants.   

Model Green Greenhouse Base :

The greenhouses are eco friendly and were identified by environmental impact experts. descriptiontext 

Extra wide 3-tier greenhouse :

The green house contains a PVC cover and shelves for storing and growing plants.  

Quick Picks

2 Tier Mini Greenhouse :

The mini greenhouse contains of rip stop weather resistant green cover and double zip up door. descriptiontext 

Waltons Polycarbonate Greenhouse :

Whatever the season you can grown your favourite plants and vegetables in the green house.  

Green Horticultural Glass Greenhouse :

The glass green house has sliding doors and roof vents to facilitate the growth of plants.  

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