Patio Heaters Buying Guide

Patio heaters are used to increase your outdoor temperature artificially to an extent. They provide radiant energy heat, so you may have to stay within range of the heater to feel the warmth. They can keep the climate cosy even during chilly nights.

Different Types of Patio Heaters

Consider three points before buying one according to your need – energy, power rating and application.

  • Free-Standing Patio Heaters: Free-standing patio heaters provide plenty of warmth and heat for large areas such as patios, decks, garages and sheds. These heaters come with different power settings to set according to the weather conditions. These free standing patio heaters are economical and efficient. Gas and electric patio heaters are available in free standing models.
  • Table-top Patio Heaters: Table-top patio heaters are very efficient in providing ample warmth for people sitting around a table. These heaters are perfect for outdoor dining. Also these table-top patio heaters are easily movable and can be placed wherever required the most. Most of the table top patio heaters are gas-operated.
  • Wall-Mounted Patio Heaters: Wall-mounted patio heaters give sufficient amount of heat similar to sun's rays. They conveniently warm up people and objects placed in front of them. These patio heaters allow you to direct heat wherever required. These heaters are simple to install and are durable. Wall-mounted patio heaters are available in both infra-red and electric models.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Steel Table Top Patio Heater :

This heater can warm up to 2.5m across an area.  

Carnival Electric Patio Heater :

This powder-coated steel heater has a heat output of 0.75Kw. 

Freestanding Patio Heater :

This 2Kw heater operates silently and effectively.  

Quick Picks

Lifestyle Lazer Green Gas Patio Heater :

This heater is provided with wheels for easy manoeuvring. 

Enders Patio Heater :

This stylish, free standing structure provides warmth on chilly summer evenings. 

Heatmaster Electric Patio Heater :

This umbrella-mounted heater is attractive and safe. 

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