Leisure and Fitness Buying Guide

Living a fast paced life gives very less time for other activities such as swimming, cycling, fitness and more. Leisure and fitness when combined together can be more interesting than concentrating on fitness alone. Consider taking up yoga, dancing, swimming, or somethingmore outdoorsy like rock climbing or what skiing.

Leisure and Fitness Equipment and Aids

  • Walking requires proper shoes, socks and walking clothes.
  • Cycling can be done with the help of a good cycle.
  • Yoga or Pilates mat enhances the flexibility and suppleness of the body by providing lower impact non cardio exercises. They lower the risk of getting injured but enhance blood circulation besides improving breathing, muscle tone and posture. It lowers anxiety, stress and health problems.
  • Dancing needs proper dancing shoes, dancing clothes and other accessories.
  • Swimming needs include swim suits, goggles, ear plugs and caps.
  • Benches and Weights, dumbbells and gym balls can be used for serious exercises as well as leisure exercises. These equipment do not occupy space and also are affordable.
  • Vibration trainers offer gentle type of exercises without straining the body parts and muscles. They enhance circulation, metabolism and lower cellulite.
  • Exercise bikes are ideal for beginners as they can be adjusted according to various fitness levels and can be used easily.
  • Cross trainers are a combination of some best elements of skiing, running and stair climbing. They are lower impact equipment used for exercising both the lower and upper body simultaneously to achieve overall fitness.
  • Rowing machines too are low impact equipment that strengthen the shoulders and arms along with other important muscle groups and cardiovascular workout.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Yoga-Mad Organic Cotton Mat :

Made from natural unbleached cotton, this mat has a large outer pocket with wooden buttons, a hidden inside pocket, and an adjustable cotton strap and drawcoard. 

Marcy Elliptical Cross Trainer :

It has 8 levels of manually adjustable resistance and works both the upper and lower body.

Fitness-Mad Deluxe Aerobic Mat :

Made from first grade EVA foam, this aerobics mat offering good memory, shock absorption and comfort.

Quick Picks

Aerobic Dance: Suzanne Cox :

You can practice professional fitness training to the fore in this fast paced, fun aerobic workout.

Everlast Vibration Trainer :

It helps you strengthen and tone muscles along with improving balance and flexibility.

Adidas Swimming Trunks :

Made of Elastane, it is ideal for sports or leisure.  

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