Aquatics Pets and Plantlife Buying Guide

For anyone who wants some extra company at home, but cannot be bothered with the daily needs a dog a cat, then having an aquarium or some small aquatic pets may be a less stressful option.

Common Aquatic Pets

  • Fish are classified as fresh water and salt water and also classified according to their climatic conditions as tropical, coldwater and temperate climate fish.
  • Turtles also like fishes are popular aquatic pets.  They are available as freshwater and salt water turtles.
  • Frogs may be a lot more work than you think to raise. Frogs needs to be feed on a regular basis, so you may have to deal with live crickets or mice as their food.

Indoor Plants

Bulbs, floating plants, rhizomes, rossettes and stems are common types of aquarium plant life. Each variety has a different type of planting method. Fishes benefit from plants in the aquarium. Design the acquarium in  a such a model that the taller plants are in the front and the shorter ones are placed before them. The shapes and colours in leaves can be contrasting to add a dash of colour to the aquariums.   

Outdoor Plants and Accessories for the Water Garden or Ponds

They come in various sizes, colours and shapes but are grouped under six major categories given below.   

  • Water Lilies are famous water plants with brilliant blooms and grow leaves covering the surface of water offering shade and shelter to aquatic pets.  The area where they are grown need to be away from water splashing features like fountains and waterfalls.  Can be fed once in a year with a food block meant for them.
  • Floating plants come with buoyant leaves and roots.  Popular floating plants include water hyacinths, water lettuce and frogbit.
  • Bog Plants love moisture that they are most often seen near the edges of water gardens and ponds.  They need wet soil.  Mumulus is one of the bog plants seen commonly.
  • Marginals require aquatic soil to grow that they can be grown in pond baskets which enables easy pruning, pest treatments and feeding.  They float with their leaves and flowers above water surface that they make good ornamental plants.  Some attractive marginal plants include grasses, rushes, lobelia, water mint and iris.
  • Oxygenators are necessary for ponds as they keep the water healthy and clear, offers oxygen and food for aquatic pets and also form a spawning location for fish and other aquatic pets Some popular oxygenators include hornwort, elodea, curled pondweed, milfoils and egeria.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Dora the Explorer complete aquarium :

An ideal starter aquarium, it includes plants stickers and so on.

Green Fern Aquarium Plants by Supa :

The aquarium plants by supa are an ideal spawning ground for fish.

Live Aquarium Plants for Shrimp Japanese Style :

The aquatic plants complete the ecosystem of the aquarium.

Quick Picks

Plant Food Aquarium :

The plant food revitalises aquatic plants in tropical and cold water aquariums.

Aquarium Background Double Sided Plant & Coral :

The plant and coral adds volume and dimension to any aquarium.

Assorted Live Aquarium Plants Aquarium :

The beautiful green plants give a natural elegance to your aquarium and oxygenate as well.

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