House music is a collection of styles of electronic dance music, the earliest forms of which originated in the United States in the earlypop recordings. Club regulars referred to his selection of music as "house" music. However, since Frankie was not creating new music at that time, it has been argued that Chip E. in his early recording "It's House" defined this new form of electronic music and gave it the name "House Music." The common element of most house music is a 4/4 beat (a prominent kick drum on every beat) generated by a drum machine or other electronic means (such as a sampler), together with a continuous, repeating (usually also electronically generated) bass line. Typically added to this foundation are electronically generated sounds and samples of music such as jazz, blues and synthgenres, some of which are described below. "House Music" also refers to the recorded music played while a theater audience takes their seats before a performance, or, in live music venues, the recorded music played before the live music begins. Well-known live acts can demand their choice of house music, or that there be none at all. Get more history and other info. on House Music at

Essential Albums

* Basement Jaxx ** Rooty ** Remedy * Audio Bullys ** Generation ** Ego Wars

Top Artists (as recommended by Billboard)

* Basement Jaxx * Audio Bullys

Genres within House

* Chicago House ** * UK House **

Other noted Artists

* Frankie Knuckles **
The Greatest Hits From Trax * Chip E. ** Kings of House* * Daft Punk ** Homework * Paul Oakenfold ** Great Wall * Little Louie Vega ** Ministry Of Sound: House Nation Of America