Housewares and Home Maintenance Buying Guide

Keeping your home clean and tidy isn't an easy task. However, the right appliances and products can make it much more simple and convenient. No one wants to spend hours on end organising and cleaning their house or flat. Whether you're looking for a new washer  and dryer  or just a new way of organising your bathroom , there are plenty of great items out there ready to assist you in maintaining a clean home. Take a look through these buying guides to find the right products for your home. 

Cleaning Tips

Keeping your house and home clean is easier than it seems. Here are a few tips that may help you get through a daily cleaning routine. 

  • If you're stressed for time, focus on the bathroom and kitchen. These rooms need to be cleaned more often than others.
  • If you're watching a television show, you could take time during the commercial breaks to tidy up a bit.
  • Cleaning daily makes it easy to maintain a tidy environment, otherwise things tend to pile up easily.
  • Assigning a specific chore to each day will help split up the monotonous cleaning regimen.
  • You could also try making one day a week your 'cleaning day' where you assign a good chunk of the day to cleaning the entire house or apartment.

Keeping your appliances alive

Want to get more life out of your appliances? Here are some general helpful hints that could help lengthen the life of your favourite appliances.

  • Always keep the instructions and warranty policies nearby or in a safe place.
  • For cleaning, unplug all appliances.
  • Try not to use an extension cord.
  • Wipe down after each use.
  • Unplug all appliances with heating elements when you're not using them.

For the Laundry Room

Tumble Dryers

Need to wash that designer shirt without ruining it? Buying the right clothes dryer is trickier than it sounds, but we can help. Get some assistance finding the right kind for the type of wash loads you're going to be doing.

Garment Steamers

Steamers are great alternative to the iron. If you need to get wrinkles out quickly, but don't have the time to break out the ironing board, a garment steamer is a great quick fix. 


If you're looking for more quality de-wrinkling system, an iron and ironing board is the way to go. They take up more space and time than steamers, but offer a cleaner and crisper final look.  

Sewing Machines

Whether you're going to be the next big designer or like to hem your own pants, you won't get very far without a sewing machine. We can help you find the right one for your projects and budget. 

Washing Machines

The convenience of owning your own washing machine will make your life so much easier. Laundry doesn't have to be a pain. Take a look through this guide to get some help picking out the right machine for you!

Cleaning Appliances

Steam Cleaners

While not a necessity in most homes, steam cleaners offer an alternative to using chemicals. Using only water, they are great for cleaning tiles, killing mold and getting rid of dust. Get more information on their advantages and disadvantages with the help of our guide.

Deep Carpet Cleaners

Need some help getting out those tough carpet stains? There are great carpet cleaners out there ready to assist you. Take a look through our guide to find the best products to keep your carpets spotless and dust free.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are essential for every home. They are useful in almost every room of your household and make cleaning quick and easy. They come in all shapes and size so be sure to get the best one for your home. Here are the major types.

Home Environment

Heating and Cooling Appliances

Whether you need to keep your home warm and toasty or need some help cooling off in the sweltering heat, we've got some guides to help out.

Air Quality

Keeping your home safe is a top priority. Get some help picking out the best smoke and carbon dioxide detectors as well as other air quality products with these guides. 


Sleep Quality

Have trouble falling asleep or getting out of bed on time? Maybe you're in need of a new alarm clock or could use some help relaxing at night. If so, here are some great product guides that could work wonders for you. 

Organisation Products

Bathroom Organisation and Storage

Keeping your bathroom products organised will save you tons of time. Whether you have too many products to count or need quick access to certain items, there are some great organisation products that could really help you out. 

Closet Organisation

Closets can easily become messy and cluttered. Rather than letting it become an endless pile of stuff you never knew you had, get some help keeping yours clean and tidy. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Photo Organisation

Got a ton of photos and not enough display space? Keeping them sorted is a great and easy way to quickly have access to whichever ones your looking for. Make preserving those memories simple with the help of this guide.

Travel Organisation

Staying relaxed is a key part of any vacation. From the tickets to the luggage, there are so many things that could easily stress you out. Keeping everything organised will make the trip much smoother. 

Spas, Saunas and Home Automation

Home Saunas

From relieving stress to helping cope with sore muscles, saunas and steam rooms  are perfect for relaxation. Having one in your home is convenient, but can be pricey. Get all the information you need with the help of this guide.

Home Spas

Bring luxury into your home with a home spa. If you're looking for some extra pampering or a great way to unwind after work, these are probably the best options out there. Get the most out your spa experience with the help of our guide. 

 Home Automation

These handy guides can help you easily control your environment. From temperature settings to remote controls, there are so many products out there waiting to make your life easier. Our guide can help you pick out everything you need. 

Sustainable Products

Can Crushers 

Want to help reduce waste? Can crushers are a great way to help recycle, but without all those extra trips to super market. 

Light Controls 

Light controls are great for conserving energy. They can make a huge difference when it comes to using less electricity each month. 

Mulch Mats 

Need help preserving your garden? Mulch mats are easy, attractive and recycled as well as eco-friendly.

Light Bulbs

Buying the right light bulbs is a huge factor when it comes to conserving energy. Find out all you need to know with some help from these guides. 

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