Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming gifts should be thoughtful and/or useful. The key is thinking about what you would want when moving into a new home. There are tons of items to choose from, but be sure to buy a gift that matches your friend's tastes and interests. If they are into cooking, something for the kitchen would be greatly appreciated. If they don't have any time to take care a plant, that is clearly the wrong kind of gift. It's important to also think about things that will help them feel at home. Moving in can be stressful and the person may miss their old home at first. Anything that will help take the stress off moving or help them feel welcome in their new home makes a great gift. The key is keeping it simple and choosing items that go in most homes. If you know the person really well, then you should choose something more specific.

Classic Gifts

If you don't know the person that well, some items will always be good housewarming gifts no matter what the person's tastes. Here are a few suggestions. 

Money tree  or Bonsai trees 

These can bring good luck to whoever receives it. As long as they're willing to take care of it, plants can bring life and color into a new home.  


Candles are used for calming and serenity, but can also be used to help create romantic atmosphere.  

Picture frames  or Photo albums 

These are great for taking your memories  with you and are the easiest way to make you feel at home in your new house or apt.  

Guest soaps 

These make colorful additions to any bathroom. Whether they plan on having people over a lot or rarely, these will definitely come in handy.  

Champagne flutes 

Champagne flutes are an essential part of any dining room. They are great for celebrating any occasion including moving.  

For the Kitchen

Every new home is in need of some essential kitchen items. Whether or not they are into cooking, every person uses their kitchen at some point. These nifty items will always come in handy and will be greatly appreciated. 

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are necessary in any kitchen. If they plan on cooking at all these will definitely be helpful.  

Coffee Press 

Do they have trouble waking up in the morning? If so, they may need a new coffee press to go with their new place. 

Kitchen Tools

Some new tools are probably needed to go with their new kitchen. Those old ones they have just won't cut it.  

Oil and Vinegar Set 

As essential ingredients in many recipes, any chef is in need of oil and vinegar.  

Salt and Pepper Shakers 

What food doesn't salt and pepper go on? These come in so many cute shapes and designs, it's hard to pick just one. 

Practical Gifts

Something useful and simple will make a great gift. Anything they can use or will need around the house will be greatly appreciated.  

Chenille Throws 

These make great additions to any home decor. Be sure you know the person's tastes before picking any pattern too extreme. 

Cleaning Tools 

Help them keep their new place clean and prestine with some handy cleaning tools. 

Basic Tool Kit 

Every new place starts to fall apart at some point. A tool kit can help them keep things together. 

Gardening Tools  and Seeds 

Plants always mke great gifts whether they enjoy gardening, want to grow their own tomatoes or have a great yard.

Picture Hanging Kit 

A picture hanging kit will help them fill those empty walls with paintings and photos that make them feel at home. 

For Friends

If you know your friends interests or hobbies, buying a housewarming gift becomes a lot easier. You know what will best help them feel settled into their new home. A subscription to their favorite magazine or a gift certifcate to their favorite store. Here are some fun ideas.

Magazine Subscription 

Magazines are great for coffee tables and for days of lounging around the house. 

CD  or DVD 

Their favourite music or movies are great when the want to stay in. They definitely make creating a movie night a lot easier. 

Disposable Camera (for the party!) 

Disposable cameras are great and cheap way for them to remember the day they moved in. 

Gift Certificates 

With a gift certificate, they can buy exactly what the need for their home. These are a great backup if you can't think of anyhing specific. 

Board Games

Board games make any house more welcoming. They are great for small get togethers or those days when you're so bored you could die.  

For Fans of Feng Shui

If the person practices fend shui, there's no better way to make them feel comfortable in their new home. These gifts can help get them started to fend shui their entire house. 


Are beautiful when hanging in windows. Just make sure the sounds not going to bother them. 

Feng Shui Kit 

This is an eay and simple way to learn how to Feng Shui your home or apartment. 

Aromatherapy Oils 

These always come in handy when trying to create a relaxing, less stressful environment. 

Lotus Lanterns 

Make beautiful additions to any home and create a mmore natural light than most light bulbs. 

Lunaria  or Silver Dollar Plant 

 These will also add to the peaceful environment as well as bring life into your house or apartment.

For a Guy

If you're buying for a guy, think about what a guy would want in his place. Would he like floral prints and cute soaps? Absolutely not. Here are some more manly options: 

Weather Station

These come in handy when you're deciding what to wear in the morning.  

Portable Speakers 

Portable Speakers make it easy to bring music into any room of your home.  

Lawn Games 

These will only work if they have a yard to play them in, but are great in the summer.  

Barbecue Tool Set 

Who doesn't enjoy a good barbecue?  A tool set will definitely make it more convenient. 

Poker Caddy and Chips 

Give him to have a guys night with a nice poker set or new chips.

For Wine Lovers

People who enjoy drinking wine often keep a bottle or two available for those relaxing nights at home. What better way to welcome them to their new house or apartment than with some wine accessories they are sure to use.   

Wine Stoppers 

If you lose or break the cork, you're going to have a tough time saving wine without a wine stopper. 


 Is it even possible to open a bottle without one of these? Make them get rid of their old one with a new corkscrew that's easier to use.

Wine Charms 

These delicate glass accessories make it easy to distinguish which glass is yours. 


These make elegant storage units for wine or fine liquers. 

Stemless Wine Glasses 

These are less likely to fall over and ruin furniture or clothes. 

For Specific Tastes

If you know what the rest of their furniture looks like, they'll definitely appreciate anything that matches.  






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