Hunting Buying Guide

A tradition that has continued for thousands of years, hunting has been seen as a source of nourishment, a rite of passage, a pastime, a lifestyle, and a hobby. Whether for meat , bragging rights, or taxidermy, hunting yields results, even if it's just a lovely day or weekend spent in the outdoors . It can be a solitary or social activity, and works in all seasons, depending on what equipment  you have, and what game you intend to get. 


  • Keep you elevated
  • Come in different forms: tripod ,ladder ,hanging , and climbing 
  • Advantage of height and view
  • Some can be relocated easily
  • Works for bow and arms hunting


  • Used primarily to prepare fresh game
  • One sharpened edge
  • Come in different sizes
  • Some are better for specific game


  • Allow you to see in the dark
  • Infra-red  and night vision  both work
  • Prices range from the moderately expensive to the truly expensive
  • Shows where you are
  • Cuts down on getting lost in the woods
  • Great for night time hunting

  • Also known as a scattegun 
  • Shoots shot or slugs
  • Shot is recommended for hunting
  • Great for bird or deer hunting
  • Extremely accurate
  • Practice safely
  • Work on aim
  • Become a better marksman
  • Accurate for short range
  • Can't be used for hunting in the UK since the 60s, but archery is great fun
  • Depending on the kind of weapon you have, you'll need compatible ammunition
  • Learn interesting titbits
  • A nice introduction for a beginner
  • A good way to brush away the cobwebs for a pro

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