Hygrometers Buying Guide

Hygrometers are devices used to measure humidity, and are often mounted inside humidor boxes  to keep cigars  and pipe tobacco  fresh.  Because tobacco leaves can crack, tear and lose their flavour if not kept in an environment with a certain amount of moisture in the air, hygrometers are critical to their preservation. 

These devices, sometimes called psychrometers , can also be used to monitor your outdoor environment as well as a wine-cellar, greenhouse or other area that may need to be kept at a particular temperature and dew point.


It is relatively easy for hygrometers to become inaccurate, whether it is due to delicate design features, movement during shipping or simply with the progression of time.  Thus, it's important to calibrate your hygrometer yearly.  To find out an easy way to calibrate your model, check out this step by step guide at 

Types of Hygrometers

Analogue Hygrometer 

  • Hygrometers with a metal spring are used in the majority of all humidors. They are less expensive, but have limited accuracy.
  • Hygrometers made with natural hair are more accurate, but also more expensive.  Plus, the maintenance work required to keep up the accuracy is pretty substantial.
  • Synthetic hair hygrometers are almost as accurate as natural hair hygrometers, and they don't require any maintenance on the part of the user.  These are often the most common choice in humidors because they are the easiest to work with.
  • All types of analogue hygrometers are often used by weather specialists.

Digital Hygrometer 

  • These are often small, lightweight, and equipped with wireless capability--that means a reading taken in one place can easily be sent anywhere around the world.
  • These are often inexpensive and come with a lot of extra features like:
  1. Time/Date functions
  2. Barometer
  3. Indoor/Outdoor humidity reading
  4. Interval data reading/tracking
  5. Weather forecasting capabilities

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