Indoor Planters and Pots Buying Guide

You can bring freshness and colour to your home by bringing flowers, plants and vegetables. You can buy indoor planters and pots to achieve this.

Design and Materials Used

They are available in different sizes to suit different plants. You get tall, round, square and typical pot-shaped planters and pots. Depending on the area where you want to keep the planters and the type of plant and its growth, you have to select the right shape and size. For the spacious corners in your home, you can go for bulky and large pots.

They are made of different materials. For an elegant look, you can buy them in wood such as teak or redwood. They will be long lasting too. Terracotta pots look sleek and accentuate the area where they are placed. They can be decorated in different ways. They can be glazed, dyed or hand painted and so can be adapted to the place where they are kept. The disadvantage with them is that they do not retain moisture. Ceramic pots add a touch of elegance. They can be textured too. Concrete and Plastic pots are other options. Plastic pots might get jaded quickly because of the weather conditions like strong sunlight. 

Tips to Buy Planters and Pots

  • They should have capacity between 15 and 120 quarts. If they are too small, the roots will dry out quickly. If they are too big, the plants will be hidden inside.
  • Planters should not have narrow containers. Make sure that the pot has adequate drainage and enough moisture retaining capacity.
  • For the walls in your home, you can go for hanging or wall-mounted planters.

Brands of Indoor Planters and Pots

  • CHIC
  • Sealey Tools
  • Terry
  • Sinclair
  • GRP Gandini

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Black Floor Planters for indoors :

The three to four feet indoor planters are black in colour and robust and durable. 

Antique Indoor Planters Wirework :

The rectangular plant pots are antique with wirework and made of rose and lilac.   

Teracotta Egg Pot planters and plant containers :

The terracotta egg pot planters add an ethnic aura to the interiors of any home.    

Quick Picks

Pot Tall Square Modern Lightweight Terrazzo Cadix :

The easy to use lightweight pot requires you to just place the potted plant into the recess of the planter.   

Hammered Metal Planter :

This set of 2 planters is made of hammered metal with a silver finish.  

Indoor Hanging Planters with Liners :

Hanging planters with liners is a good way to retain moisture and prevent water from dripping out and damaging the floor.

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