Infant and Toddler Clothing Buying Guide

It is hard enough to worry about the health of your newborn, so why make it harder on yourself by worrying about clothing?  Now you don't have to. The following categories will help you with what you need, whether you're taking baby home, or he or she 3 or 4 years of age.

Layette clothing is referencing the standard clothing you use for the first couple of months your baby is born.

The list in this guide is meant to help you decide what you need so you don't worry about going shopping with your baby in the first couple of weeks home. After your baby has grown out of his or her Layette set, you can move on to infant-sized clothing.

Infant Clothing is for babies from roughly 5-6 months old to about 18 months old.

The clothing you buy for your infant is meant to be easy to clean and comfortable for your baby. There is no need to go fancy quite yet. The easier you make your laundry at this age, the better--you don't want to be spending extra money on dry cleaning!

Toddler Clothing is for the completely mobile child.

Your toddler will probably be starting nursery school and going on play dates, so you may want to splurge on a couple of nicer pieces of clothing. However, the idea is still to keep your baby happy and comfortable. Your child may want to decide what to wear in the morning, so let him or her have fun!