Intelligent Chess Games Buying Guide

One of the best ways to increase your chess skills is with a computerized chess companion. This little electronic Kasparov are fitted with a range of skill levels, which can provide anyone with a lifetime of instant chess matches. But make sure you take note of the warranty, or else you might be without your little companion sooner than you'd like.

Remember, online chess has become pervasive, so even though you may be alone, you can always find someone online willing to play. 

If you tend to travel often, a portable chess computer  could be an ideal travel device. A round of chess passes the time while keeping your brain active and struggling.

There are two types of portable chess computers:

  • LCD touch screens use stylus pens to move the pieces from square to square. Compact, lightweight, and no missing pieces!
  • Magnetic and peg versions use actual pieces which are steadied into the board. These are great for those with poor eyesight, and making the situations easier to visualise. 

Tabletop chess computers 

  • Ideal for playing at home, but not for travelling. The pieces are larger, the board is designed for large, flat surfaces, and often feature audio. 
  • Tabletop chess computers are great for instructional purposes.
  • Weighted magnetic pieces are easier to use than ones with plastic bases.

Chess Station 

  • A chess station is a combined hand-held and tabletop version, so wherever you are, you can enjoy your game. 
  • These are typically more expensive, but allow maximum playing time at home or away.

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