Intimate Hygiene Buying Guide

Intimate hygiene  is an important factor of consideration for everyone, be it men or women. Most of us do not wish to discuss about personal hygiene  with others as we feel uncomfortable. You can choose any of the different intimate cleansing products  available to avoid infections or any other hygiene problems.

Intimate Hygiene for Women

Every woman must know the essentials of health and hygiene , so that they can feel comfortable as well as confident.  You may neglect to personal care  because of work at home or at office. Here are a few tips on personal hygiene for girls :

  • Avoid using cosmetic soaps or shower gels for cleaning the intimate areas of your body, and instead use specially designed and formulated feminine hygiene product. 
  • You can also use cotton wipes  made from natural ingredients to avoid chances of infections, irritations or itches.

Intimate Hygiene for Men

Men also need to know the basics of their hygiene. You can keep yourself hale and healthy with many of the personal intimate hygiene products  available.  Some hygiene tips for men:

Important Aspects of Intimate Hygiene

You may use different products that intimate hygiene products . Some of them may lead to more infection or related health issues. Natural intimate wipes  are safe to use as they do not contain any irritating ingredients. You also need to be careful while choosing proper and natural hygienic cleansing products . 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Bodyform Deo Fresh So Slim Liners :

It is lightly fragranced and gives the user a secure feeling.

Intimate Hygiene Gel :

Made from vegetable base, this hygiene gel  is soft, fresh and delicately scented for everyday use.


It is soft on the skin as it is made from a combination of ingredients of vegetable origin.

Quick Picks

Intimate Feminine Wipes / Feminine Hygiene Wipes :

These hygiene wipes  are made from organic calendula and chamomile essential oils and do not contain any petrochemicals.

Natracare Pure Org Intimate Cotton Wipes :

These wipes do not contain any chlorine bleaching and synthetics that can cause skin irritation.

Feminine Hygiene :

They are suitable for daily use and include deodorant spray, lubricating gel, washing gel, powder, cleansing wash and hygiene wipes.

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