Jewellery Gift Buying Guide

Jewellery  can make a great gift for mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives. However, it can be intimidating to face thousands of pieces of jewellery and not have an idea where to start. We're here to help you find the perfect jewellery for your loved ones.

Below you'll find different loved ones and the jewellery gifts that generally best suit them. Whether they prefer gold and silver or colourful beads, we have everything you need to know in order to make your jewellery gift a smash hit!

Jewellery for Young Girls

Check out our guide to Jewellery for Girls for gift ideas.

Jewellery for Teens

Whether your teen is into unicorns and princesses or skull and crossbones, there are plenty of jewellery pieces that can express their personal style. Look for durable jewellery that doesn't need a lot of cleaning (because we all know how often it will really get cleaned). Make sure, when deciding your budget, you know that whatever you buy is likely to be lost, outgrown (do you still have the same personal style that you did when you were a teen?), or tossed aside for one reason or another. Trends change quickly, but teens love trends. For this reason, look for pieces that are classic but have a few trendy elements that your teen will love.

Trendy Earrings 


Best Friends Necklace 

Birthstone Jewellery 

Leather Bracelet 

Jewellery for Young Women

Look for fun pieces for younger women. However, it is always good to have a few jewellery pieces that are perfect for a fancy date or an interview. Check out the ideas below or see our guide on Hot Jewellery Looks for the latest trends she'll love.

Paper Beads 

Porcelain Beads 

Chandelier Earrings 

Cocktail Rings 

Wood and Silver 

Jewellery for Wives

Give your wife, girlfriend, or fiancée something she'll really love. Look for jewellery pieces that express your love for her. Hearts and XO's are one easy way to get the message across.  Diamonds, gold, and sterling silver a girl's best friend, so don't neglect these pieces!

Cartier Love Bracelet 

XO Necklace 

Heart Ring 

Diamond Studs 

Ruby Earrings 

Jewellery for Women

Every woman has her own jewellery style. When in doubt, go with classic pieces like a strand of pearls. Want more ideas? Check out our guide to The Classic Jewellery Wardrobe for more ideas.

Pearl Necklace 

Gold Cuff Bracelet 

Sterling Silver Ring 

Gold Ankle Bracelet 

Peridot Necklace 

Jewellery for Moms

Jewellery is a great gift idea for a mom, whether it is Mother's Day, her birthday, or the holidays. Pieces that express her love for her children are awesome ideas, but don't forget to give her a gift every now and then that will allow her to indulge in fancier jewellery, like a tennis bracelet or gemstone earrings.

Child Charms 

Beaded Necklace 

Gemstone Earrings 

Tennis Bracelet 

Mom Necklace 

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