Jewellery Neckwear Buying Guide

The neckwear design and style you have chosen to wear can say many things about your personality, lifestyle and attitude.

Neckwear for Women

Neckwear for women are available in materials ranging from platinum, gold, silver, pearl, stainless steel, nickel, rhodium to beads and crystals.  They differ in their weights, embellishments, and lengths.

  • Chokers are neckwear that stay close to the necks and are very short in length.  They are made to get all the attention and are decorated heavily using gemstones and various embellishments. In the 1800s, it was particularly fashionable to wear chokers with a cameo centerpiece.
  • Matinee necklaces are about 2 feet longer, most often worn in a business or professional environment.
  • Opera Necklaces are quite longer that they come till the chest.  They are standard chains adorned using pendants.
  • Rope necklaces are very long types than the operas and are attention getters. They work best as an accessory for a fun or casual outfit.

Neckwear for Men

Neckwear is not something every man gives too much thought about. However, some subtle metal jewelry is tasteful for today’s urbanite men.  Silver, platinum, and gold go well with all types of outfits. Younger men might enjoy simpler tribal designs with shells and wooden beads.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Canary Simulated Diamond Tennis Necklace Gift for Her :

The ideal necklace for gift giving is made of CZ diamonds with tennis like formation around your neck.  

Women Enchantment Necklace from the Garden of edenly :

The beauty of Eden is symbolized in this beautiful necklace.   

Sterling Silver Engraved Box with Heart Necklace for Her :

The sterling silver necklace with engraved heart is an ideal gift for your beloved on Valentine’s Day.  

Quick Picks

Womens Lightning Necklace :

The lightning bolt necklace consists of Rhinestone embellishments on a round link chain with a crown inset.   

Cream pearl and chain necklace :

The cream pearl and chain necklace features a link chain with lobster clasp fastening.  

Gaventa Men's Black Dog Tag Necklace :

The dog tag necklace is a great gift to the man in your life.  

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