Jewellery for Girls Buying Guide

Young girls enjoy jewellery  just as much as women. Although it's not necessary (and actually a bit silly) to buy your daughter diamonds and other expensive jewellery, it is fun to let her wear jewellery suited for her age. Many people even purchase jewellery for babies and toddlers! While some may disapprove of buying baby and toddler jewellery, most people do allow and accept a girl wearing a bit of jewellery once they turn three. Want to make jewellery even more fun? Buy a kid's jewellery making kit  and let her (with your supervision) make her own accessories!

For Babies and Toddlers

If you're planning on dressing up your infant, be very careful. Babies explore with their mouths and any jewellery can be a choking hazard. Therefore, make sure to always keep an eye out on what your infant is doing with the jewellery. It's best to only let your baby or toddler wear jewellery on special occasions, like weddings. Baby and toddler jewellery make a great gift, so long as the parents approve. A unique and adorable gift idea is to get matching jewellery for a mother and daughter. When in doubt, it is better to go with a bracelet, as these pose the least threat to curious young children.

Silver Baby Bracelet 

Pearl Baby Bracelet 

Pearl Earrings 

For Little Girls

After a girl turns three or four, it is usually safe to go with jewellery that is a bit more creative. Small beads no longer pose much of a threat, so don't be too worried about beaded necklaces. Look for colourful jewellery or jewellery with the girl's favourite animal, cartoon character, or colour(s). Try to avoid fancy jewellery, unless it's for a special occasion. Keep in mind that whatever you buy will probably get lost, broken, or grown out of, so don't break your budget. This is a great age to enjoy making jewellery, so keep that idea open as well.

Colourful Plastic Bracelets 

Big Beads 

Disney Character Jewellery 

"Grown Up" Plated Jewellery 

For Tweens and Teens

Now that there is absolutely no risk of choking on small beads or parts, you can really get creative. Tweens and teens usually prefer wearing jewellery that expresses their personal style or the latest trends, and both change often. You basically have two options: buy her something that caters to whatever phase she's in or buy her something timeless. If you go with the former, she's likely to appreciate it much, much more initially. However, it'll likely end up in the back of jewellery box in a year or two. Timeless pieces will likely get a fake grin, and she's likely to not wear it for a year or two. If she holds on to it, however, it has the potential to become one of her favourite accessories. The best idea is to strive for something in the middle. Look for jewellery that is trendy (according to her style), but still has elements that make it classic. 

Skulls and Pirates 

Charm Bracelets 

Wishing Bracelets 


Cute Earrings 

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