Jewellery on Any Budget Buying Guide

While we all may love the latest celebrity jewellery  looks or are dying to buy an eye-catching piece for that special someone, you can't take desire to the bank.  Whether you are buying jewellery as a gift  or for yourself, the best thing to do is figure out your budget first. That way you won't overspend and you can stick to looking for pieces in your price range. Luckily, you don't have to spend a lot of money to look like you bought an expensive or nice piece of jewellery--you just have to know how to shop. Try using these tips the next time you're shopping for jewellery on a budget .

Price Points

Less than £20

Lower budget jewellery can be fun and stylish. Costume jewellery  pieces are a nice way to accent your outfits without breaking your budget.

Beaded Bracelets 

Crystal Necklaces 

Costume Rings 

Pendant Necklaces 

Less Than £55

Even if your budget is pretty meagre, have no fear.  You can still afford some classic jewellery  pieces.  And if you're specifically looking for pieces with gemstones, try aiming for less popular ones that are still just as beautiful. 

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet 

Sterling Silver Locket 

Birthstone Earrings  or Necklaces 

Silver and Cubic Zirconia Ring 

Synthetic Gemstones  (Glass)


In this range, you can surpass silver and buy some modest gold pieces.  You can even buy an engagement ring at this price point if you (and your fiancée) are willing to settle for faux diamonds.

Gold Earrings 

Gold and Moissanite Ring 

Gold and Cubic Zirconia Ring 

Silver  or Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings 

Engraved Silver Locket  or Cuff Bracelet 

£285 or more

Sky's the limit.  From over-the-top to custom, you can get a whole host of pieces if money is no object.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet 

Diamond Earrings and Necklace Set 

White Gold Diamond Ring 

Platinum Diamond Ring 

Celebrity Trends

There's no shame in trying to get celeb looks for less.  Fashion magazines or websites are often a great resource to help you find jewellery comparable to those of the stars, as they will include side-by-side comparisons along with details on department stores and wholesale retailers that carry the items. Below, the latest hot celebrity jewellery trends.

Bangle Bracelets : These are an ongoing celebrity trend that can be made fashionable with materiels like gold  or jade . Wearing a few different kinds on your arm can add variety without making you look overdone.

Layered Necklaces : This is a trend that can be dressed up or down. Typically used with gold  or pearl necklaces , this look simply layers a few pieces according to size for a unique fashion statement.

Oversized Hoops : Another recent trend than can be displayed with gold ,metal , or, most commonly, sterling silver earrings . Make sure their size doesn't overpower your outfit, and choose a pair that has just enough flair.

Where To Buy

  • For cool vintage pieces and costume jewellery, check out your local flea markets .  Pieces can range from expensive Bakelite  to inexpensive freshwater pearls , crystals and funky glass beads .
  • For high quality pieces for less, try wholesale retailers and bargain warehouses.  There's usually nothing wrong with this stuff, it's just been overstocked and therefore can be sold for cheaper than original prices. They even offer mixed packs  of like items, such as glass necklaces; this will enable you to buy lots of accessories in bulk.
  • Just like when buying clothes, jewellery outlets  can offer brand names, like Tiffany ,for less.
  • Second-hand jewellery  can be found anywhere online and for a range of prices. A few tips to keep in mind:
    • Make sure your piece is genuine and is sold with all elements intact.
    • Especially if you are giving this jewellery as a gift, assure that it isn't stolen--check out past receipts from the seller.
    • When purchasing, make a deal for some type of guarantee in case the piece ends up having some hidden damage.

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