Jugs Buying Guide

Jugs are an essential piece of kitchen equipment that is suitable for storing both hot and cold liquids. This practical tableware provides a contemporary finish to any table service.

Types of Jugs

  • Glass Measuring Jug: It is ideal for measuring all types of liquids in the kitchen. They are made from toughened glass with sturdy cast handle, pouring lip and a clear scale to show a variety of measures. These jugs have superior heat resistance. 
  • Jug Kettle: These jugs, made from polished stainless steel body, filter lead and other impurities from tap water to deliver 1.5L to 1.7L of filtered and boiled water. These kettle jugs are designed to have transparent window, safety locking hinged lid and wide spout for easy filling and pouring.
  • Mixing Jug: Mixing jugs usually made of stoneware or food safe clear plastic are perfect for preparing your favourite cake mix or pancake batter. 
  • Sauce Jug: Sauce jugs usually made from bone china combines practicality and style to form exceptionally versatile and durable tableware.
  • Thermal Jug: Thermal Jugs are perfect for storing hot or cold beverage including milk, and even gravy. These double walled stainless steel jugs have insulated stoppers and vacuum construction to retain the contents intact.
  • Milk frothing Jug: Milk frothing jug has unique shape, pouring rim and long stay cool handle makes milk frothing much easier.
  • Claret Jug: It comes in handy when you have to serve wine at dinner parties. An elegant glass claret jug with sterling silver mounted foot and stopper makes a beautiful presentation piece. Claret jugs usually feature an ornate handle and decorative cut crystal body. 

Buying Tips

  • Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe jugs are the best bet to go for. 
  • Choose ceramic jugs with tough craze-free finish to make it stain and scratch resistant. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Denby White Large Jug :

This simple elegantly shaped white jug is an essential for every modern home. 

Dartington Crystal Rachael Claret Jug :

This jug can be used for wine/claret or as a water pitcher. 

Denby Fire Large Sauce Jug :

This jug, made of stoneware clay, is fully vitrified which gives it strength, durability and chip resistance. 

Quick Picks

Elia Slimline Thermal Jug :

Available in three different volumes to suit all purposes, this highly polished stainless steel thermal jug provides a contemporary finish to any table. 

Country Cream and Rose Ceramic Crackled Flower Jug :

A lovely flower jug for both indoor and outdoor settings. 

Enamel White Jug :

An elegant jug for serving water at the table, or just for decorative purposes.  

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