Many people may wonder what there is to know about buying a keyboard, since it's such a simple and mainstream item. However, keyboards can greatly improve the functionality of your computing. Plus, a quality keyboard will last you much longer than a cheap keyboard thrown in as part of a package deal with your new PC. For many of you who own a laptop, along with an additional monitor, a keyboard is a must-have item. As you can see from the images below, there are a few types of keyboards on the market. It is becoming much more frequent these days to see ergonomical keyboards and keyboards that have built-in foam supports to ensure safe computing.

How to Buy

Buying a new keyboard goes beyond just the design. * '''Compatibility''' ** There are two major types of connections: USB and PS2. ** USB connections are practical if you have multiple USB devices and use a USB hub. However, it has been the case that USB keyboards sometimes cause trouble with configurations, so always check to make sure that it will be compatible with your operating system. ** Also, if you are interested in buying a USB keyboard, think about it having '''multiple USB ports''' so that you can use it to hook up devices such as a mouse. On the other hand, to go for no-fail compatibility, a PS2 keyboard will always be detected by your BIOS (Basic Input Output System). * '''Convenience of Going Cordless''' ** Consider a wireless keyboard or wireless keyboard/mouse combination sets. ** It clears all the clutter off your desk and lets you roam freely with all your technology. ** For the security conscious who are tired of remembering a hundred different passwords, browse through the selection of biometric keyboards ** On a similar note, there are keyboards with integrated smartcard and magnetic card functions. ** For those without a lot of space, try out the compact keyboard or a compact model with an integrated trackball. ** There are also keyboards especially designed for Linux. * '''Hotkeys''' ** Programmable hotkeys and Internet hotkeys are both convenient shortcut keys to look for on a keyboard. ** The CyMotion series for professionals by Cherry offers top of the line wireless keyboard and mouse sets that feature numerous options for hotkey functions and even a solar-powered model. ** Logitech offers a comparable line of keyboards, including a specialized gaming keyboard,which features backlit keys, an LCD screen and G function buttons, and their attractive diNovo Media Desktop Laser Keyboard.

Dvorak Keyboard

The traditional keyboard that most people own have been coined as QWERTY keyboards. Unfortunately, it is not the most efficient or speedy setup, and it is quite illogical. However, there is the Dvorak keyboard invented in 1866 that stresses both speed and accuracy. These keyboards can be purchased, or if you prefer, you can simply change the keyboard preferences on your computer and continue to use your own keyboard. !