Kids and Weddings Guide

It might be fair to say that sitting still during the ceremony , keeping quiet during the readings , posing endlessly for photographs , and watching adults have a great time is just enough to turn even the sweetest and most angelic children into whining little terrors.  If you are choosing to have children present at your wedding, you will need to plan to keep them entertained, just as you are with your adult guests.  This doesn't have to be a complicated task and we are here to help you figure it out.

Surviving the Ceremony

  • Chances are you will have a young child as a part of your wedding party.  In this case, you will want to make sure that they are looked after by a special designated bridesmaid  or groomsman. Explain to the child that this is their "wedding buddy" (they will love this!) and that they should go to this person if they have a problem or need to use the loo.  By doing this, you try to prevent your young flower girl  or ring bearer  from running off of the altar and to their parents.  
  • Guests who will be attending with particularly young or boisterous children should be seated towards the back of the venue.  This makes it easier for them to step away if the children start to get fussy or out of control. 
  • Try presenting small distractions if you need to.  Keep colouring books  or quiet handheld games  next to the seats or supply a package of unwrapped candy  for the children to enjoy during the ceremony.  (But remember, that sugar rush could come back to haunt you during the reception!)

Reception Rules

  • It's a good idea to designate a "kids' table" at your reception.  Place this table towards the back of the room so that if youngsters get up to run around or dance, they won't disrupt your other guests.  You can also set this table with plastic  or kid-friendly tableware so that nothing expensive gets broken, and you may want to servekid-friendly foods to this table only.  Know that kids don't usually get shy with other kids, so this may be a better option for them than placing them with the grown-ups where they will have to be on their best behaviour.  However, parents should know where their children are sitting and vice versa; this way if there is a problem, they can find one another without a fuss.
  • Provide some activities for the kids to keep busy while the speeches are going on.  Place a box of small toys  under the table to keep smaller children amused and have crayons ,pens , and markers  on the table along with a paper tablecloth  -- this can keep kids going for hours.  Encourage older children to create a picture of the big day and have them sign it!  Assuming there aren't too many spills on it, it could make a great keepsake. 
  • It is a brilliant idea to invest some money in an entertainer.  Hiring a clown or magician]for a few hours can do wonders for your wedding!

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